Peeing Cocker Spaniel - Why?

Why Has My Cocker Spaniel Started Peeing?

By: Summer

I have a peeing cocker spaniel and I don't know why he does it. He's an American cocker spaniel mix and has always had urinating issues in our home. He's a very eager dog and has been from the get go. 

Golden cocker spaniel enjoying freedom in the French vineyardsI'm a good boy Mom, I've had 3 pees!

He's very attached to my husband and often gets 'between' us. I've heard dogs can't be jealous, but if they can, HE IS. If I argue with my husband, Diggy, (my dog) will start barking and clawing at me. 

Our biggest problem is his peeing, but the thing I can't find an answer for is why he's normal one minute and peeing and misbehaving when my husband's around. 

You see, I stay home with him and my two boys all week. But when my husband comes home from work, Diggy is a different dog than when he is home with me. He starts getting into things, peeing trails around the house and becomes over-excited at the site of Johnny, my husband. 

He follows Johnny around the house, lays at the door when he goes to shower. He cries if he shuts the door behind him. His attachment seems to only be to Johnny. During the day, he holds his pee - he only goes out once or twice and just kind of lays around. Johnny will take him out immediately and then 10 minutes later he pees everywhere.

I think he has separation anxiety from Johnny, but only Johnny. He won't eat when he is away, etc., but I just don't understand why he pees when Johnny is around and is well behaved with me.

I think that about sums it up.


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Peeing Cocker Spaniel - Why?
By: Jacky 

It's unlikely that your dog has a problem with his 'waterworks' as he is able to hold himself during the day, when you're around.

I believe it's excitement that's causing your puppy to pee.

Have you tried taking your cocker spaniel out for a walk before your husband gets home? This should tire him out and may help to settle him down a little so that when your husband returns, your dog is a little more calm.

How does your husband greet the dog? Is he's fairly animated? Does he make a big fuss of the dog? If he does, this may be contributing to the problem.

When your husband returns from work, ask him to ignore Digby for about 10 minutes, until the dog is calm, before greeting him. This should teach Digby that Johnny won't give him attention until he's calm. If he's calm, it's less likely that he'll pee himself.

Hope this helps! :)

Peeing Cocker Spaniel - Why?
By: Julie 

I agree with Jacky. Your dog's peeing issues probably come from the fact that he sees your husband as the "pack leader" and so he pees because of excitement. 

It's also as a sign of submission. (Very common.) 

In addition to exercising the dog to tire him out before your husband comes home, having your husband ignore him now and then might help. 

Also, maybe if you alone have some one-on-one time with the dog, or give him a special treat/toy, he will attach to you a little more and see you as an equal pack leader. 

Hopefully the excited/submissive peeing will ease off. 

Good luck!