Our Special Family

by Glenn



Luna chose us, but we knew she was special, her birthday and mine are the same days. Born as a moon child. Luna has always been with cats. When we first got her as a pup, we had a diabetic cat, Peppy. He only tolerated Luna, as a puppy she was too busy for him. Then came our next family members, Nyx and Theo, two rescue cats, (kittens at the time). They have grown together ever since. It's funny because they have picked up traits from each other. They do things that normally they wouldn't if they were on their own. That makes it so special to have them all together.

Note from Pauline (Web Owner)

Hi Glen - What a beautiful colouring Luna has, she almost looks camouflaged amongst those leaves! You uploaded two photographs the same, did you mean to upload a different photo? If you did, you can simply email it to me if you like, and I'll add it for you. Thanks for posting!

Kind regards,

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by: Sandra

Perhaps you could give me some hints on how to stop your cocker spaniel chasing cats? Mine is obsessed with them to the point where I can't let him anywhere near them in case he manages to catch them! I'm not sure what he's do. He has a high prey drive and has caught a baby rabbit before. The rabbit died of fright as he has a gentle mouth, but I was horrified and very sad.

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