Our Lady Love - Update

by Merle Ann Fenske
(Independence, California USA)

Lovely Lady

Lovely Lady

In the fall of 2013 I wrote about Our Lady Love - The Diamond in the "Ruff".

Here is an uodate:

Lady has been with us now for almost 5 1/2 years. She has continued to be the sweetest companion and we love her dearly.

Her true personality has come out and she is a professional couch potato! A true slug, lol. But she visits our dear neighbour "Grandma Alice" and her minipin Nikki who is about 12 years old and they are the best of friends.

They have a 2-acre yard to run and play in, check out all the birds, bunnies, gophers and other animals that make their way through the yard.

Lady has become a great camper when we take our RV out for a weekend or longer and spent 2 weeks driving from California to Texas and back for Christmas this last year(2017).

We are planning a trip to the Grand Canyon and Texas again in July.

She still is cautious around larger dogs and at times barks at sounds, but overall has settled into our home and family.

She and one of our 3 cats, TaTa, have become snuggle buddies and can always be found napping together. Lady loves to lay in the warm California sun while I am in the garden or sitting on the porch.

She is about 7 yrs old now and has earned her "life of leisure" and is the perfect companion for a nearly retired couple in their early sixties, who live in a very rural community.

I hope you enjoyed the update to Lady's story. We love reading about all of your stories, as well.

God Bless!

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