Our Lady Love - The Diamond in the "Ruff"

by Merle Ann
(Independence, CA USA)

At The Shelter

At The Shelter

After loosing our two black cocker spaniels, Duke and Duchess, only 18 days apart in March of 2012, we promised ourselves that we would look for another around Christmas time.

After checking at our local shelter and not finding any cockers, we branched out 180 miles to where we had previously lived.

The Apple Valley Shelter had recently built and moved into a beautiful new facility and it was our first time there since we had moved. After passing kennel after kennel we stopped short. There was the most scraggly looking dog you could ever have imagined! You had to look close to see that she was even a cocker spaniel.

She had just arrived that day and was on hold for 4 days to see if anyone would come in to claim her. We could put a hand through the gate to pet her and her sweetness just tugged at our hearts.

It was a long 4 days and at an appointed time we could call in to see if anyone had claimed her or if there were others interested in adopting her. Fortunately for us (and her) no one came for her and no one else had shown any interest in adopting her. We were the only ones who could see "the diamond in the ruff".

She, now known as Lady, would be ours after another 24 hours and a trip to the vet to be spayed.

We drove back the 180 miles to be there when she came out of surgery, not knowing if she would accept us or not. Upon seeing her for the first time, with no gate between us, she melted into our arms and the rest is history.

We took her to our groomer the next day and had her completely shaved down. She had burrs in between her toes, hair that extended 6 inches beyond her paws and mats everywhere. To our amazement Lady was completely housebroken and knew basic commands. She was never chipped nor had she had a litter and was estimated to be 2 years old. It was apparent by her looks and massive amount of hair that she had been on the run for quite some time.

Our Lady loves people and is very trusting. Her only issue is needing to be socialized with other dogs and some barking issues. But her training is coming along very nicely. We have had Lady for 10 months now and except for an occasional terrorizing of the cats (in fun play) she has made herself at home with us.

We would love to know why this sweet girl was on the run and why her previous owners never came for her, but their loss is our gain and we will love her all her days.

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Sweet & gorgeous
by: Stef

Yep, she is gorgeous. And she looks so sweet.

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