Our Cocker Kid, The Escape Artist

by Donna
(Louisiana )

Cocker Spaniel Escape Artist!

Cocker Spaniel Escape Artist!

Our cocker spaniel is about 5 years old. He's a sweetheart and well-trained, except for the issue of running off, if given the chance.

Inside, and inside our fenced back yard, he comes
when called, but he's an expert escape artist and can always find a place to slip out - and then he's gone.

He won't come for anything until my husband gets in the truck and drives down the street to get him. He'll happily hop in the truck.

Our dog Keegan is also extremely sensitive to negative emotions. He'll attempt to dig a hole under the fence and escape if my husband and I even SEEM like we're going to get into an argument, which of course we aren't!

It's very bothersome; and very tense for us when he escapes because of the dangers of the streets, etc. It's always at night - never during the day.

We've given up on this aspect of his training and obedience.

Any helpful advice you could give would be greatly appreciated!

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A Tired Dog is a Happy Dog
by: Donna

Thank you so much for your comments and suggestions!

One thing for sure - while we usually get in a walk every day; and he's a very active pup most the day, we don't get out much for long, extended walks.

My husband and I are 'young' seniors so either of us can go out for runs.

We have a long extended vinyl lead which we tie him to often times at night when we're all
outside on the deck or in the yard. I feel it's kind of cruel to keep him tied; but it's definitely something we do for peace of mind. We don't do it consistently enough though!

Our trainer passed away last year, but it's definitely something we've given some thought - more re-call training! Other than this command, he does very well with the routine commands.

Canine Escape Artist
by: Anonymous

I'm sure if you persevere, you can teach him the recall command.

Perhaps you could ask a dog trainer to help you with this. Sometimes dogs behave better around someone else but misbehave for their owners.

Good luck!

Escape Artist
by: Sonny

Do you take him out for long runs and walks? Perhaps if he's thoroughly tired out he won't try to escape? :-)

Without resorting to re-fencing your entire yard (expensive), have you considered tying him on a long lead or rope (so long as there's not chance he can harm himself) to stop him from escaping?

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