by Emily

We got Oscar at 9 weeks and instantly fell in love!!

He is now four months old and from the very outset Oscar was introduced to our nieces and nephews and also his dog (cousins!)

He has to live with our three cats...which he cannot wait to play with...however, they have other ideas!! His party trick...is the catflap!! Which he taught himself at 14 weeks!

He happily goes out to the toilet with no instruction and still continues to do so...

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by: Pauline (Web Owner)

Hi Emily,

Thanks for posting - it's always nice to hear about our visitor's cocker spaniels and what they get up to.

Oscar sounds like a real character!

If you'd like to you can send us up to 4 photos and I'll add them to this page. If you're having problems, you can always email them to me at aboutcockerspaniels@yahoo.co.uk and I'll take it from there.

Thanks again!

Kind regards,

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