My Lovely Lady

by Bethan

Rest In Peace, Lady

Rest In Peace, Lady

So, we re-homed this beautiful cocker spaniel called Lady. She was so lovely, so little and so delicate. She clearly wasn't loved properly in her last home so when she came here she was instantly loved and adored.

Sadly on Sunday, a tragic accident happened. She ran into the road and passed away.

My heart is literally broken. I loved her so much, I couldn't fault her. She was my best friend, even thought we only had her for 2 months. I adored her so much, I wish she was just snuggled up with me right now. My heart aches every day, knowing she isn't there when I wake up. She was taken too soon.

Lady I love you and I hope we meet again :(, my little pup!

Rest well! I hope you are in doggy heaven with Molly, I love you. I miss you so much.

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I know.....
by: Anonymous

I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost my Emma at 12 yrs old. She was blind. She had her eyes removed because of a disease that is common to cocker spaniels. At any rate she never let that get her down or prevent her love of life.

I never treated her any differently than my other dogs, and she didn’t want it that way. She was lovely and greeted everyone as they came up the walk.

The night she died I took her outside for a potty break. She walked over to one of her favorite spots and then just collapsed. What I will always remember and think is so amazing is even though she was blind, before she took her last breath she raised her head and turned around to look at me. I was standing about 3 feet behind her. Then she passed. I will never forget my Emma.

by: Mike from Canada

I love dogs, and know how hard it is to lose your buddy...We had to put Guinness, our American Cocker to rest a few months ago and we are still heart-broken....our furry friends are not around long enough....let's love them all!

Lovely Lady
by: Pauline (Website Owner)

Hello Bethan,

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful photos of Lady with us.

Life is often cruel, but I'm sure you'll cherish your memories of Lady and the wonderful times you had with her.

Take care.


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