My Howling Cocker

by Sue

My Howling Cocker Spaniel

My Howling Cocker Spaniel

How do I get my cocker spaniel puppy to go outside without me staying with him?

If I come back inside he will come to the door and start howling until I go back outside or I let him in. He also does this if he doesn't see me leave the room he will sit in the middle of the room and howl until I come back into the room.

Reply from Pauline (Web Owner)

Hello Sue,

It sounds like your puppy is developing separation anxiety, that's why he's behaving the way he does when you're not around.

As I'm sure you're aware, Cocker Spaniels like to be around people, their own pack and when they're not, they can become quite anxious.

I recommend you teach your puppy to be a little more independent; teach him that he can be safe and content on his own.

Read these two articles on separation anxiety and how to help your puppy to become relaxed when left alone.

As for leaving him outside to potty, unless he's fully house trained, and until he's learned to be a bit more independent, I'd stay with him outside until he's done his toilet otherwise he may begin to pee indoors!

By the way Sue, if you respond to your puppy the minute he howls or cries, he will be learning that this is all he has to do to get your attention... and he'll do it all the more! Try to wait until he's quiet for a few seconds, just enough for him to learn that you only give him your attention when he's a quiet boy.

Hope this has helped Sue - good luck to you both!

Kind regards,

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howling cocker
by: josieAnonymous

We have cocker spaniel bitch who cries and howls
all the time, both night and day. She is 11 years
old and we think she could have Alzheimers. She does it even when we are in the room.

Muskoka cocker
by: Jay

Why is my 9 year old cocker howling excessively during the night every night?

This is new behaviour. Since we moved to the Muskoka area from the city two years ago.

Also my dog is hiding in my closet or some times in my bathroom and at night beside the howling we have noticed that he is hiding under the bed and in tight spaces like at the bottom of the head board. He can not get out without us pulling out the bed. How he got into such a difficult space in the first place is behind me.

Howling and barking
by: Anonymous

I have a Sprocker puppy who is 17 weeks old today and who also makes a fuss barking and moaning every time I turn my back on him or leave him! This happens each of the two days I work which upsets my neighbours!

Help, he is such a good puppy in every other way!

Pauline's Comment
by: Sue

I have tried all of this and he still does it. He has been doing this ever since I got him. Had some friends over that Chip loves. I left and they said he howled the whole time I was gone. They tried everything they could think of to get him to stop.

The groomer says he does this with her too.

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