My Handsome Boy Dillon

by Karen
(Manchester. UK)

I'm A Handsome Cocker Spaniel

I'm A Handsome Cocker Spaniel

Hi - Meet my handsome boy "Dillon" who I got at the age of 2 years old. He's a very affectionate cocker spaniel who loves to play with my 15 year old cat (Dexter).

Dillon is a chocolate roan show cocker spaniel, he is an unusual colour and I was wondering if anybody has a cocker spaniel the same colour?

I love the breed and I recently had to have my beautiful little cocker called "Molly" put to sleep at 5 years old as she contracted a disease called "AHIA", which attacks the immune system.

Apparently very common with cockers, but I had never heard of this disease and it was a bolt out of the blue, so please visit the website "Mishas Hope" for more information on this dreadful disease - it could be a life saver!

I only wish I could have known about this, but my vet said Molly had a very severe case of this, even after a blood transfusion, they couldn't save her.

It was so fast - she was full of beans the day before - that's how quick it can strike. If I can save another dog (and owner) going through this it would be great, so please look it up.

I was devastated when this happened and getting my Dillon has eased my broken heart.

Thanks for reading this.
Regards, Karen xxx

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Unusual Colouring
by: Karen - Dillon's Mummy

This message is for Arlin - Yes Dillon has unusual colouring, this is what attracted me to him, he is the best dog ever, so loving and playful, but when I first got him he was very nervous and wasn't used to being kissed and cuddled.

However, after having him for 4 months now he is a different dog. He now loves to be cuddled and he sits with me on the sofa and loves it!

I feel blessed to have got Dillon after a bad year in 2011 when I lost my 2 dogs within 6 months of each other - Harvey (mixed terrier) aged 16 years then Molly (blue roan cocker spaniel) aged 5 years.

Dillon has a bit of both my dogs, cocker spaniel from Molly and brilliant temperament from Harvey as Molly didn't like cats or other dogs (she only liked Harvey, he was a big softy)

RIP my beautiful Harvey and Molly.

Thanks for reading this
Karen - Manchester UK

RIP Molly
by: Jessica

So very sorry to hear about Molly. I hope she's happy in 'Doggie Heaven' now.

by: Arlin

What a wonderful colour your boy Dillon is! I've seen chocolate cocker spaniels, but never yet seen a chocolate roan.

Is this an unusual colouring or is it fairly common?

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