My Ex-Breeding Cocker Spaniel
Please Help Her!

by Amy

Whining Cocker Spaniel

Whining Cocker Spaniel

Hi there, I have rescued a cocker spaniel. She is an ex-breeding bitch and she's 4 years-old. Unfortunately, she's expressing some issues that I want to sort out with help and advice.

She is such a loving dog. She follows me everywhere; even when I pop upstairs, and she is downstairs with my husband, she whines at the door and doesn't settle until I'm back in the room.

She barks when family come into the house and barks at people as and when she fancies. She doesn't do it all the time just when she feels like it. She barks at dogs and really winds herself up but some days she will walk past and not do anything.

She used to live with a neutered male and was fine but she is a only dog here! Does she need a friend?

Please help me, I just don't know what to do.

Reply from Pauline (Web Owner)

It sounds like your dog is showing signs of separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety in dogs manifests itself in many ways: barking, whining, pacing, digging, scratching, chewing, urinating, etc.

Dogs that suffer separation anxiety don't handle being left alone very well and can cause a dog to get up to all sorts of mischief. However, if you understand situations that can cause separation anxiety, you'll be half-way there to resolving the problem.

If your cocker becomes bored while you're away from home, her anxiety may be increased and this is when they can get into 'trouble'.

If you usually give your Cocker Spaniel too much attention, she make take it very badly when she's separated from you.

If your dog hasn't been properly socialized when she was a puppy, she may become anxious when left alone.

You can help to lessen your cocker spaniel's anxiety by following the advice given in our article, Dealing With Your Dog's Separation Anxiety'.

Good luck to you both!

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Please Help Her!

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Whining Dogs
by: Anonymous

The best thing you can do with a whining dog is to ignore it. If you respond every time she whines you're just confirming that all she has to do to get your attention, or get you to do something for her, is to whine. And she'll do it all the more!

Just ignore her (unless she's in pain or in trouble of course) and she will soon learn that whining gets her nowhere and will eventually stop.

You might have to have a lot of patience because, depending on how long she's been whining, it's not going to stop overnight.

Best of luck!

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