My Dog Won't Eat His Food

My Cocker Spaniel Won't Eat His Food

My Cocker Spaniel Won't Eat His Food

I have a 1 year old male working cocker spaniel who will not eat his food. I give him a complete meal with water and sometimes gravy.

I have changed his food twice to a more expensive one, but still no joy.

I do not want to put him on a meat diet because I don't think it will be good for his tummy.

Can you help please?

Reply from Pauline (Web Owner)

If your cocker spaniel is otherwise healthy, I recommend you try feeding him a little chopped, poached chicken breast and cooked white rice for a few days. It's a very bland meal and won't upset his little stomach.

Feed him this for a couple of days before sprinkling a small handful of his kibble into his bowl. He'll probably eat it along with the chicken and rice without realizing it!

If he finishes all of the food you offer him (kibble included), gradually reduce the amount of chicken and rice and increase the amount of kibble until his meals consist only of dry dog food.

Please bear in mind that if you're changing from one type or brand of dog food to another, it's very important to do it gradually so as not to upset your dog's stomach.

If you'd like more information you might like to read this article on Feeding Your Puppy.

You're probably already aware of this, but as your dog reaches around 12 months his dietary needs will change. Dog food manufacturers produce kibble specially formulated for puppies and a different preparation for dogs of 12 months and older.

It's very important to ensure your cocker spaniel gets plenty of fresh drinking water when he's on a dry dog food diet as there's not much liquid in kibble.

If your dog continues to refuse food, I would take him to see his vet as it may be a sign of an underlying illness.

Good luck!

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by: Pauline (Website Owner)

Hi! Sorry to hear your Cocker isn't eating as normal.

It may be something as simply as he's just not hungry. However, if he doesn't eat for more than two or three days, I'd take him to see his vet so that he can have a check up.

Have you tried to hand feed him (pamper him if he's feeling under the weather) with something he really loves, such as liver?

It may simply be that he's getting old and doesn't need to eat as much as he used to. You need to make sure he's still drinking plenty of water though.

Is he showing any symptoms of being unwell? For example: has he been sick, is he pooping normally, does he pace, is he licking himself more than usual, is he whining?

If he doesn't appear to be unwell (he's just not eating) he may go back to eating in a day or two. I'm sure you'll be keeping a close eye on him so if he develops any unusual symptoms or continues not to eat for much longer, take him to see his vet.

Play it safe.

Good luck, and I hope Hamish is better soon.

by: Anonymous

I have a working cocker spaniel. He's 11 years old and although he seems active, he has gone off his meals for last couple off days. I usually feed him chicken.

Any ideas what's causing this?

Thank you.

Dog Not Eating
by: Anonymous

If your dog won't eat his food, perhaps he's not well? Does he look or behave as though he's unwell?

A sign that a dog is sick is when he slows down and doesn't seem interested in anything or anyone. If your dog is showing those symptoms, I would take him to see his vet.

If he appears happy and normal (but just isn't eating his food) I wouldn't worry too much, however if he's off his food for more than a couple of days I would take him to the vets just in case. Once you've had the 'all clear' from your vet then you can try to work on his diet.

Good luck to you! :-)

Puppy Not Eating His Food
by: Sandy

I too have had this problem with my dog. He simply went off his food and would only eat what we were eating - which is not always the best diet for dogs!

I don't mind feeding him lean meat like chicken, and I know rice is good for him too, but I also tried adding a poached egg and mixed it up.

He was up and better in no time at all. I don't know what the problem was...perhaps he was just off colour for a day or so?

I hope your dog is better soon and back to eating as normal.

The Answer Is Quite Simple
by: Anonymous

The answer is quite simple - take him to the vet right away!

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