My Cocker's Ears

Cocker Spaniel Ears Need Extra Brushing To Keep Them Mat Free

Cocker Spaniel Ears Need Extra Brushing To Keep Them Mat Free

My dog has a mass of hair behind his ear which I can't get too. Is this common and will it harm him?

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Cocker Spaniels very often develop tats in the feathers on their ears, particularly behind and underneath the ear, and if you don't catch them early and brush them out, they soon develop into thick, stubborn mats.

The only way a mat can hurt your dog is if it's ignored and not removed. Mats can trap all sorts of vegetation (twigs, seeds, etc) which can cause skin irritation and/or scratch the skin and break the skin, which then becomes infected.

If your Cocker develops a mat in his coat, no matter where it is, you have a couple of options - you can cut it out, or you can cut into it (in strips) and then try to brush each strip out gently with a slicker brush.

It's highly unlikely that you'll be able to brush or comb out a solid mat in it's entirety.

If you're really struggling, I recommend you take your Cocker Spaniel to a groomer, or your vet, and ask them to take them out for you.

Make sure you choose a groomer that has plenty of experience with Cockers - learn how to choose a dog groomer here.

Ongoing, I would recommend you brush your Cocker's ears every other day, or at least twice each week.

Use a slicker brush first, brushing both sides of his ears as under the ear and around the ear opening. When there's no more fur being left behind in the brush, use a comb.

Cocker Spaniel ears can be quite sensitive, I'm sure I don't need to advise you to take great care and be very gentle! I hope this advice helps - good luck!

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My Cocker Spaniel's Ears
by: Anonymous

That's exactly what I do for my dog, but I brush his ears every day because we both enjoy it. I love to sit with my dog and groom his and he just revels in the closeness.

The underside of his ears are always the worst and if I left them he would definitely get mats - that's why I brush them every day.

The other place where my dog's fur seems to mat is his butt and in between his toes so I also brush these areas more often. Unfortunately, he doesn't really like his butt brushed (who does?) and he only just tolerates me brushing his paws, but he lets me do it anyway.

I just love my cocker spaniel to bits!

Cocker Ears
by: Morgan

Yea - it really is good advice to keep it short.

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