My Cocker Spaniels Have A Disgusting Habit

by M Carol
(Nottingham, England)

Sleepy Head!

Sleepy Head!

I have two cocker spaniels - both are 24 weeks old. They keep eating their, and my other dogs', pooh!

We clean up their mess as soon as possible, but they actually try to eat it as my other dog's are pooing! They are fed excellent food from the vets.

Why do they do this and how can I stop this disgusting habit?

Reply from Pauline (Web Owner)

Hi Carol,

Your puppies are indulging in what's known as coprophagia - this is the official term for 'dogs eating poop'.

I agree, it's quite disgusting, but it is fairly common, especially in puppies.

Rather than duplicate content, you can read more about it here to help you understand what's happening with your dogs.

To answer your question about why they eat their poop, would take too long here but if you follow the link it will take you to a page that will answer all of your questions.

Your puppies should eventually grow out of this anti-social habit, but there are many things you can do to help stop it, simply follow the link to learn how to stop your puppy eating poop.

I hope this helps - good luck!

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This should help!
by: Anonymous

Feed them pineapple! When it comes out of the other end of them, it tastes horrible for them and they'll stop immediately.

Puppy Eating Poop
by: Cassie

Puppies (and some other dogs) will eat their poo from time to time. I think it's because they are still hungry, or perhaps they're just being greedy? :)

If you pick up thier poo as soon as you can, that may help a little.

My cocker spaniel puppy did the same but she didn't do it for too long, so don't worry too much about it - just enjoy your puppies.

Puppy Eating His Poo!
by: Gemma

Don't worry, they'll grow out of it. My cocker spaniel kept eating his poo when he was a little puppy - it was disgusting to watch, especially when he sicked it up again!

Thankfully, he grew out of it!

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