My Cocker Spaniel Won't Eat

by Jake

I Just Know There's A Rabbit In Here Somewhere!

I Just Know There's A Rabbit In Here Somewhere!

Our 16 year old cocker spaniel has started loosing weight and his appetite has diminished.

We have tried different dog foods including one recommended by his vet but to no avail.

He has always eaten Proplan and has always done well.

He's in good health but we are concerned he has lost 5 pounds in the last 6/7 months.

Any suggestions please?

Reply from Pauline (Web Owner)

I’m sorry to hear your dog is losing weight and is losing his appetite.

It sounds like your faithful old hound is moving into his winter years and is taking life more easy – just like we humans when we retire.

Your dog is 16, which is old for a Cocker Spaniel. When dogs get older they don’t need to eat so much (just like humans) so it’s natural for them to eat less. When dogs, and humans, eat less they lose weight. I don’t think losing 5 pounds in 6/7 months is too much to worry about, especially if he still looks and acts in good health. However, I must stress that I’m not a vet and would recommend that if you have any real concerns about your dog, you take him to see your vet immediately.

You obviously love your dog very much. If you are really that worried, why not allow your vet to put your mind at rest and have him checked over? When your vet gives you the all clear, you can go back to enjoying having you dog around, but without the worry!

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Cocker Spaniel - Fussy Eater!
by: Gracie

Fussy eater isn't even the word. Buddy will be 8 on April 22nd. He refuses to eat any kind of dog food, wet, dry, and expensive brands, especially canned.

HE was reared by a vegan and he loves vegetables. I usually boil chicken in a little salt, add carrots, brown rice broccoli, brussel sprouts, tomatoes, steak fatty ends and lettuce.... he loves lettuce.

Sometimes he will only eat one meal a day! And the weird thing is, if I go out for a few hours he will not touch his meal. When I am home and he knows it's for the duration he will eat but only when I sit down and eat. He's like a co-dependant eater.

So being a single woman the man I cook for in my life is my beloved Cocker Spaniel Buddy!

Mine Won't Either
by: Anonymous

My cocker is turning 14 and she also has not been eating well over the past few months and has lost 3 pounds. She always ate Pro Plan too, but now has no interest in eating it.

I try mixing wet pro plan or chicken or ground beef with it. Sometimes she will eat it and other times just walks away. She rarely finishes what I give her.

It concerns me, but my vet also said that as an older dog it is to be expected for her appetite to diminish.

Funny though - she has no trouble eating treats!

Senior Cocker Spaniel
by: Anonymous


My Cocker Spaniel is also 16 years old and since of late he's not eating like before. It's such a struggle to feed him. Its like feeding a baby at times. Every meal I try different things because one day he'll eats chicken and the next day he won't.

I checked with my vet and he mentioned, just as us humans as we age, don't need or want to eat so much and like to sleep most of the time.

My dog would also be like that. So I am ok and try not to stress so much, but I do give him eggs once or twice a week and a bit of liver to give him strength.

I must also mention, he doesn't walk as much either and hates to go up and down the stairs. He always need to be carried.

Won't Eat
by: Anonymous

Our Boy Brinkley often won't eat either. I have found if I add a little water to his food and microwave it for 15 seconds (so it's not too hot) then I get him going by hand feeding 1 or 2 pieces at a time, for about 25 or so pieces. Once he gets going he has no problem eating the rest of his food. He has always been a finicky eater and eats at his own pace.

Just A Little Idea To Try
by: Renee' from Texas

I have had a few health problems with my 13 year old cocker and during those times she wouldn't eat. Here are a few things I found that worked.

I boiled chicken breasts and cut them up finely (at this age their teeth are really touchy) then cook some brown rice in the water that the chicken was boiled in. Mix together and offer to him.

I have also at times had to turn to baby food in a jar (different kinds of meats). This usually works well.

Also, try finely sliced turkey or chicken from your local deli. Anything is worth a try, and like my vet told me, what can it hurt to offer people food if that is what it takes at their age, can't hurt and may just help.

Good luck, and I am so happy you still have your friend at age 16, how wonderful.

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