My Cocker Spaniel Is Messing In My Kitchen

by Andy

I'm sure that rabbit is here somewhere!

I'm sure that rabbit is here somewhere!

Please, I need your help!

I have a three year old cocker spaniel who is constantly urinating and pooing on my kitchen floor!

I have tried all the leading scent removal products, with no luck at all.

My dog is fed early in the day so it gives him plenty of time to do his business, but I still wake up in the mornings to a mess in the kitchen.

When the dog sleeps with me in my bedroom or I sleep on the settee, he doesn't do anything during the night, (however, my wife is unhappy if I bring him into the bedroom - so I can't win!)

Please can you help me?

Reply from Pauline (Web Owner)

You don't say whether your cocker spaniel has just started to mess on the floor or whether he's always done this - I'm assuming that he was previously house-trained and he's only just started to do this. My reply is based on this assumption.

It might be an idea to get him checked out by the vet just to make sure that everything is in working order down there.

Has there been any trauma that could be causing your dog to behave in such a way?

I suspect that he may be protesting about being left in the kitchen - he wants to be with you (his pack leader) - I think that's why he doesn't mess in the bedroom or when you sleep on the settee.

Otherwise, see below:

Have you recently changed his diet? This might be causing him to mess - if so, when changing diets it's best to do so gradually.

Is he fed at regular times during the day - you say he's fed in the morning, but is he given anything during the day? Dogs either eat one whole meal per day, or have their meal split into two meals per day, with a few treats in between for good behaviour. The key is to be consistent with meal times.

Is he taken for a long walk during the day and a short walk at night before bedtime? Exercise helps to keep dogs regular and going out at night will help him to get rid of excess liquid.

I would recommend removing his water bowl after 6:00pm at night. Let him out to empty his bladder just before you go to bed at night - this may help to keep him dry.

Give the kitchen a good scrubbing with bleach/detergent or whatever you have to hand. When it's dry, use a good quality dog scent removal product and let it dry.

If you have a crate for your dog, I would try locking him in that overnight - it may force him to hold himself (as dogs avoid messing in their own den).

Should you need it, my site has details about potty training your puppy and crate training your puppy or dog.

Good luck!

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Mess On The Floor
by: Anonymous

Our cocker started doing this as well. But only at night when he would get up to go out. I changed our floor cleaner to one that did not have ammonia in it, and after a week, he stopped.

Just my own personal thought, but I think that in the middle of the night, he used his nose, and could smell the ammonia and figured that is what his bathroom smelled like.

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