My Cocker Spaniel Has Lumps!

by Rich
(United States)

My Cocker Spaniel Has Lumps!

My Cocker Spaniel Has Lumps!

Our Cocker Spaniel has a lot of bumps or tags all over her. We have had her to several vets and she's been on different medications such as Temeril-P and Cephelexin.

These seem to work for a little while, but then the skin problems come back within a few weeks. She is constantly scratching herself and her ears.

Our vet is now suggesting a strict diet of Hills Science Diet ZD formula which is supposed to be a non allergenic food.

I see in your recipe's you use the term "minced" raw beef. Is this the same as raw hamburger?

Thanks ahead of time for any help, Rich.

Reply from Pauline (Web Owner)

Hello Rich,

Sorry to hear your dog is having health problems - I hope they're resolved very soon.

The answer to your question is probably no, unless it's a very good quality hamburger, and even then, it's quite rare that you get a burger that is made simply from pure raw beef.

Even good quality hamburgers sometimes use inferior (but still perfectly edible) cuts of meat, and often use 'fillers' such as oats, bread, etc. to bulk it out, and it's possible that either of these could be the cause of your dog's allergy.

If your vet has prescribed a particular dog food, it's probably because he's trying to eliminate certain foods from your dog's diet to help him determine exactly what's causing your dog's allergy (if indeed it is an allergy).

I recommend you follow his advice to the letter so that he can get to the bottom of the problem.

Hope this answers your question, and good luck!

Give your dog a hug from us.

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by: AnonymoDianneus

My baby is 10 and she had lots of tags. At first we started having them removed she came back looking like she had been in a war zone.

It was very costly and we came to find out she had a low immune system.

When she is on high doses of prednisone she slows up. I hate when she is on the stuff. It's terrible for her, but she has to remain on a low dose always.

I try to treat her places every day but the ones on her legs she licks all the time. We take baby socks and cut the ends out and pull them over the wounds.

Raw Hamburgers
by: Anonymous

If you look closely at the contents of most hamburgers you'll see that they're packed with fats, E numbers, and preservatives.

You'd hardly want to eat them yourself, never mind feeding them to your dog.

We buy fresh beef and mince it ourselves. We add chopped carrots and other veggies for variety and our cocker loves it - it's good for him too!

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