My Cocker Pees A Lot!

by Jenny
(San Juan)

Nervous or Excited Cocker Spaniels Often Pee

Nervous or Excited Cocker Spaniels Often Pee

My cocker spaniel urinates all over when he gets happy, or excited, especially when some-one greets him or when we try to play with him. This has become such a problem that we're thinking of giving him away.

Does anyone have any advice please?

Reply from Pauline (Web Owner)

Hello Jenny, It would be such a shame if you had to give away your cocker spaniel because of this, but I understand your frustration.

Let's see if we can help you.

Subservient (or not very confident) dogs are usually fairly nervous. This nervousness can affect their behavior in many ways - one of which is involuntary peeing.

Your dog really can't help it - he simply gets so excited he pees.

I fully sympathize as this can't be easy to deal with - I guess eventually it wears you down, huh?

I'm assuming you've tried the usual potty training techniques, but it won't harm to direct you to them again. Please read this article, if there's anything new in it, why not give it a try? Or why not do it all again from scratch anyway?

The recommendation below, given by one of our visitors, is good advice. If re-training fails, try using a Belly Band on your dog to keep him dry - they look quite cute too.

Please do let us know how you get on - I'd love to think it was enough to persuade you to keep him.

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Submissive Urination
by: Primo Mom

Take the dog to pee before company arriives, if possible. We advise others, to not try so hard, or get in his face profusely. Just let him come to you and greet him almost casually. It is like letting a shy person greet you in his own way. Instead of forcing them into a greeting they are not comfortable with and then wondering why they retreat or pee, in this case. If you make a big deal about it, the dog senses your agitation and it gets worse, just handle it quietly the best that you and your dog can handle.

Scolding and harshness makes it worse because then they pee out of fear and anxiety, not just out of excitement and a true physical reaction.

Peeing A Lot
by: Pauline (Web Owner)

Thanks for posting Victoria - great advice!

My Cocker Pees A Lot!
by: Victoria

This has been the case with both of my female cockers. The first one I had, I named (Moosie) for this very reason. Unfortunately, I lost her after 10 years.

My most recent Cocker Is Lola, she's 1 year old. She's coming along much quicker than Mopsie as I had to learn from trial and error from her.

Also, I have read that the breed has a smaller eurethra which makes it more difficult for them to control themselves when excited.

What I learned from my first cocker, is to take her outside, bend down and talk to her, she pees every time. I do this for a couple minutes to make sure the bladder is empty before I know company is coming over.

I also tell those who come in to the house not to bend over to her, with both dogs they pee when you bend down to them.

Allow the dog to come to you, then lightly brush her head without really making eye contact. That allows time for the dog to feel more comfortable with the person and not be overly excited.

I know it sounds like a pain, but it really doesn't take as long as you would think to go through these motions. Plus, the feeling of accomplishment between you and your pup is rewarding.

Best of luck to you and your family with your dog.

Doggy Diapers or Belly Bands?
by: Anonymous

Honestly, my little fellow does it too and I totally understand your frustration. My vet told me to increase his self confidence through obedience classes, but he had already been through two classes with great success.

I try to keep my affection warm but not excessively upbeat and that really helps.

I find that when friends visit is when he really just doesn't have any control, so at those times I either have a towel ready or use a belly band from a local pet store.

I had thought of purchasing several nice belly bands from an online store, but he seems to be in better control now.

He turned 2 in July.

Good luck!

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