My Cocker Pees A Lot!

My Cocker Spaniel Pees With Excitement

My Cocker Pees A Lot
By: Jenny  (San Juan)

Cute black cocker puppy being toilet trainedI can't help it Mom, honestly!

Help! My cocker pees a lot.

He urinates all over when he gets happy or excited, especially when some-one greets him or when we try to play with him.

This has become such a problem that we're thinking of giving him away.

Does anyone have any advice please?

My Cocker Pees A Lot!

Answered By: Pauline (Website Owner)

Hello Jenny, 

It would be such a shame if you had to give away your cocker spaniel because of this, but I understand your frustration.

Let's see if I can help you. 

Cockers Over 12 Months

If your dog is over 1 year old, he may still grow out of it, but it's more likely that his peeing is down to his being submissive or nervous.

Subservient (or not very confident) dogs are usually fairly nervous and this nervousness can often affect their behaviour in many ways, one of which is involuntary peeing.

Your dog really can't help it. He simply gets so excited, he pees.

I fully sympathize as this can't be easy to deal with. I guess eventually it wears you down, huh?

I'm assuming you've tried the usual potty training techniques, and that he's fully house-trained (at least when he's not excited).  

Rule Out Problems With His Waterworks

I would have a chat with your vet to make sure there are no medical problems that need dealing with, and ask if (s)he could recommend anything to help. 

There are several options you can try to manage this behaviour:

  • don't greet your dog when you come through the door; no eye contact, no verbal contact, no physical contact. Wait until he's calmed down and settled before you greet him.

  • as your dog runs up to greet you, try throwing him his favourite toy or a small handful of kibble to distract his attention away from you.

  • when it's time to greet your dog, do so calmly. Don't make a fuss because this will only further excite him and cause him to pee. Ask him to sit. Don't greet him until he's sitting quietly. 

The above will help to keep your dog calm and help stop him from becoming too excited. 

Don't scold your dog for nervous or submissive peeing, (he really can't help it). You may even make matters worse. 

Your other option is to consider using a Belly Band on your dog. Not only does it look cute, but it'll keep him dry too.

Please do let us know how you get on. I'd love to think you could resolve this issue and were able to change your mind and keep him.

Good luck to you both!

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My Cocker Pees A Lot!
Comment by: Anonymous 

Honestly, my little fellow does it too and I totally understand your frustration. My vet told me to increase his self confidence through obedience classes, but he had already been through two classes with great success. 

I try to keep my affection warm but not excessively upbeat and that really helps. 

I find that when friends visit is when he really just doesn't have any control, so at those times I either have a towel ready or use a belly band from a local pet store. 

I had thought of purchasing several nice belly bands from an online store, but he seems to be in better control now. 

He turned 2 in July.

Good luck!

My Cocker Pees A Lot!
Comment by: Anonymous 

I'm not sure how old these posts are but for the poster above, please don't get rid of your dog just because he pee'd in the house.

Maybe he has a urinary tract infection, perhaps even diabetes! Dogs can get both! I'd take him to the vet as soon as you can.

If you give up on him, perhaps you shouldn't have any pets? A pet is for life, or at least 15 to 20 years - it's a real commitment!