My 1 Year Old Cocker
Doesn't Seem Himself

by KH

Poorly Cocker Spaniel - What A Shame!

Poorly Cocker Spaniel - What A Shame!

Hi, I usually have a very excitable Cocker Spaniel, but for some reason, over the past few days, he has been very quiet.

When he is walking about he is very excited still, but then he will just slump down and not move for a while. He also keeps going to the top of the stairs to be on his own. He still has an appetite and is still drinking his water.

Am I just being paranoid?

Reply From Pauline (Web Owner)

No, I don't think you are being paranoid. It sounds like your Cocker Spaniel is a little off colour. Like humans, dogs also have their 'off' days.

I'm assuming he's not in any pain, or whimpering and there's no obvious sign of ill-health or injury.

You don't say whether he's been sick or has diarrhoea. If he has either of these, or both, is it possible that he's eaten something outside that hasn't agreed with him?

I'm assuming there's no post Christmas chocolates lying around that he could have raided?

If he still has an appetite and continues to drink plenty of water, and his behaviour doesn't become any worse, I wouldn't worry too much.

Watch him for a day or two, but if there is no sign of improvement, I recommend you take him to see his vet - just to be on the safe side.

Coincidentally, I've just returned from the vets with my Cocker, Max. He had very similar symptoms as your dog, but he also had fairly severe sickness and diarrhoea. This is his second day with it and, despite feeding him boiled chicken and plain rice, he threw it back up almost immediately. We let him outside and found him 'cowering' under a bush in the garden. So, off to the vets we went...more expense!

Thankfully, he's fine. I don't really know what the problem was as we are in France and our French is not terribly good.

He's had a blood test (which was confirmed as okay), a couple of injections and has some medication. He's looking very sorry for himself but he seems to be settling down now.

We worry so much about our pets and it's very frustrating for us that they can't tell us what's wrong.

I'm not a vet, so I'm sorry I can't help you any further. Only you know your own dog and if you're really worried, why not take him to see his vet. :-)

Good luck and let us know how he gets on.

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Doesn't Seem Himself

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Off Colour!
by: Anonymous

My dog's often off colour, especially if he manages to rummage inside someone's dustbin and eats something he probably shouldn't have - something well past its sell-by date.

When he does this, I usually just feed him with rice and chicken (without the skin) or rice and chicken livers, and give him plenty of water. I don't give him anything other than that for a couple of days until he's feeling better.

He usually picks up after two days. Any longer than that and I'd take him to the vets.

I hope your cocker's on the mend soon.

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