Menefreda Cockers

by Nick Meagor
(North Cornwall)

Stud Dog - Menefreda Ace of Spades

Stud Dog - Menefreda Ace of Spades

We are an accredited breeder, breeding working Cocker Spaniels and we're based in North Cornwall.

All of our dogs are eye tested clear - Glaucoma (Predisposition) and Eye Disease Uninfected.

They're also DNA tested for:

PRCD PRA (Progressive rod-cone degeneration) - clear.

GPRA (Generalised progressive retinal atrophy) - clear.

CPRA (Central progressive retinal atrophy) - clear, Gonioscopy (Glaucoma) - clear.

Familial Nephropathy (FN) - clear.

We are a small Kennel based in North Cornwall, specialising in Working Cockers.

We have a selection of breeding bitches and one solid black stud dog - Druid x Dealer.

We work all our dogs on local shoots, mostly with partridges, some pheasants, and over water with teal and mallard.

Our dogs are bred to work on the picking-up and the beaters lines, they are all from
a very biddable nature, with some very famous Field Trial Champions in their breeding.

All of our dogs can be seen working throughout the shooting season at Pawton Manor Shoot.

If you'd like to get in touch, here are out contact details:

Kennel Address

Menefreda Cockers
St. Minver
PL27 6RF

Telephone: 01208813235 - 07977431055

We look forward to hearing from you and will answer any questions you may have.

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Working Cockers
by: Anonymous

I just love to see working cockers in the field. They're so energetic and willing to work. They are so controlled - they watch and listen to their masters to understand what they are required to do next and their tails (when they have them) never stop wagging.

I guess it takes a lot of training to get the dogs used to the sound of the shotgun and to collect and retrieve the birds with a soft mouth. Particularly as a dog's hunting instincts are often just below the surface. I'm sure it would be so easy to let slip and rip one of the birds apart just following pure instinct.

I take my hat off to you. It can't be easy to train dogs to work in the field with all that noise and action going on, not with all those temptations in front of the dogs.

Your stud dog, Manfreda Ace of Spades, looks majestic. He's a beautiful dog and I'm sure produces beautiful puppies (with a little help from Mom, of course).

I think these dogs are splendid and if I were looking for a working Cocker Spaniel (and I lived in the UK - I live in the USA) I would be knocking on your door, that's for sure.

Keep up the good work!

by: Dave

Beautiful working cocker spaniels!

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