Lucy, Lotty, Lacey, and Lilly

by Julie Hastie
(Winsford Cheshire )

My Show Type Cocker Spaniel Family.

My girls are my world, they are so loving and so much company and each have their own sense of humour and character.

Lucy is very loving and if you ask her to give you a love she puts her head on your chest.

Lotty is also loving and playful; she loves to run fields and comes back to you in her own time :)

Lacey is my sniffer her nose is on the floor constantly when on a walk its surprising she has never bumped into a lamp post. She is funny and very curious she even sniffs a biscuit when you offer her one to make sure it's okay.

Lilly is my baby she is very loving and so laid back she just loves company full stop.Lilly loves to sit on your knee in an evening just lies down and snores away as we try to watch TV.

All in all my pooches have us wrapped round there little claw. X

Here are my 4 Best Friends.

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Four Lovlies!
by: Anonymous

What cute Cockers you have. They all seem to be focusing on one thing...I wonder what that can be?

Beautiful dogs.

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