Loves Me. Love Her.

by Toni
(NSW Australia )

Waiting for her next instructions

Waiting for her next instructions

Nora is now three years old and just loves to be kept busy. She has both inside and outside toys, we walk and do agility training every day, which is more like game time than lesson time. But we love it, we have so much fun.

Nora and I have a strong bond. She is my companion, and gives me strength and confidence to get up each day. My husband calls her my daughter. Well that's true, she is family after all.

I have to work hard at keeping Nora's ears healthy, as she is prone to ear infections. To help keep her ears dry I have crocheted her a snood. The snood slips over her head and holds her ears back allowing air flow. Nora is very funny when she has it on. She sits still with a sad face and her head down for about 20 minutes. The look is like saying "Oh mum, must I?" and I won't share the photo because that would be cocker embarrassing. But it's on each day or every other day, particularly through the wet season and it has helped reduce the frequency of ear infections and the severity.

The snood pattern I just made up. It's a rectangle piece I sewed two edges together making a tube. For those that can crochet the stitches I used were a treble with a chain in between. This made a tall open weave that allows good air flow.

I love Nora and she loves me straight back.

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Snood for Cocker Spaniel
by: Anonymous

What a great idea! For those who are totally undomesticated, another idea is to use a scrunchy, you know, the elasticated material that's use to keep a pony-tail in place.

They're great for getting fresh air into Cocker ears, although I think your snood might look better.

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