Leaving My Cocker Puppy For A Week

by DeAnna

Cute Cocker Spaniel Puppy!

Cute Cocker Spaniel Puppy!


I am going on vacation and will be gone for a week. I'm leaving my 9 month old cocker spaniel with a dog boarder whom I trust.

Unfortunately my cocker is still going through a fear stage and absolutely everything scares him. This is giving me a lot of anxiety about leaving him for a week.

It seems that he is even more scared of men (and the boarder is a male). There will be other dogs there that he can socialize with but, I'm worried he will be nervous the whole time due to the fact that a stranger will be feeding and taking care of him.

Has anyone else had to do this? I wish I could take him with me but it's not an option where we are going. Also none of my family members or friends (who he is comfortable with) can take him.

Will this make his fear stage even worse?

Will he think I'm leaving him forever?

Thank you in advance for any advice you may have.


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Leaving Your Cocker Spaniel
by: Pauline (Web Owner)

Hello DeAnna,

It's awful when we have to leave our pets, especially when they're still babies and a little nervous.

My advice to you would be to talk to the dog boarder and explain the situation and see if there is anything they could do to help you.

Why don't you ask him if he would consider allowing your puppy to live with him (and presumably his wife or partner) for the week. You may need to pay him extra, but it would be worth it.

If that's not possible, ask him to put your puppy near to other younger or more quieter dogs and, if it's possible, ask him if there's a female working on the premises, could she feed him and pet him.

Perhaps you could arrange for a friend to visit him each day, just for an hour or so? If time is limited, perhaps they could visit to feed him?

I really don't know what to advise here DeAnna, I'm feeling your pain - I'm just trying to come up with something for you.

I'm sure your boarder will do his very best for you and your puppy, otherwise he wouldn't be in the business he's in. And, you said yourself, you trust him.

The thing is DeAnna, we often feel 'sorry' for our pets when there's no real need. We heap guilt on ourselves when it's unnecessary.

Your puppy will be fine. And just think of all the socialization he'll get during that week. He'll meet lots of other dogs and hopefully some humans too!

I hope all goes well.

Warm regards,

PS: Just in case you've not seen this page on puppy socialization, here it is!

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