Kelbonny country runner, Alfie

by Alan

Alfie's the boss in this house

Alfie's the boss in this house

Alfie is now almost 7 years old and he rules the house. He determines our tea time and mealtimes, and also our bed and walk times!

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Update on Alfie
by: Pauline

Hello Alan,

Thanks for posting more wonderful photos of Alfie! He's certainly looking well and obviously still rules the roost.

My little boy Max is 14 years old now. He has pancreatitis, he's almost blind and deaf, and he has so many lumps and bumps on his tired little body.

However, he's still bright-eyed and happy so as long as he stays that way, I'm happy too.

Enjoy your years with Alfie Alan, they go by so very quickly.

Kind regards,

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