Juicy Dog Burgers

by katavy


1 large pack of quality minced beef or pork
1 small chicken
1 large handful of porridge oats
2 eggs
1 tin carrots (small)
1 tin peas (small)
Half pepper partly cooked
1 stick celery partly cooked

small amount of finely grated cheese but only a sprinkle on top of each burger to taste

1 burger maker


- Mix all the above ingredients together well and pack into the burger maker.

- Put in over on 180 gas until burgers are done.

My dogs never refuse their food now. I have had two VERY picky little dogs. Giving them proper home cooked meals makes them content and my tiny poodle is no longer too thin.

Both dogs now are full of energy and much happier.

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by: Pauline

Those burgers sound yummy and I'll certainly be trying them for Max.

Thanks for posting Katavy!

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