Is My Puppy Underweight?

by Colin Farmer

I'm Not Underweight - I'm Just Right!

I'm Not Underweight - I'm Just Right!

We have a three month old English cocker spaniel which only weighs four kilos, is she underweight for her age?

Reply from Pauline (Web Owner)

It sounds like your puppy could be a little underweight for her age, however, all puppies are different.

As a general guide, a cocker puppy of her age should be around 5-6 kgs, however, as I said, all puppies are different, and girls are generally smaller than boys.

If your puppy is happy, healthy, energetic, and eating what you put down for her, and you've checked for worms in her stool (and it's clear), I wouldn't worry about it.

Why not read this article about Cocker Spaniel weight to put your mind at rest. However, if you're really concerned about your puppy's weight, I recommend you take her to see your vet and get him to confirm one way or the other - I'm sure you'll feel much better then.

Good luck and let us know how you both get on.

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My 4 month bitch is underweight
by: Gemma

My 4-5 month cocker bitch is a rescue pup and I've have only had her 3 days. She was weighed the day before I collected her and she came in at 4.5kg. She's clearly underweight and you can see her ribs.

I am following what the rescue centre had her on, which was 1/3 of a tray of Natures Diet Puppy Food, 3 times a day and I'd like to bulk it up with dried possibly, but don't want to make her Ill.

We are at the vets at the end of the week.

Dog Development
by: Colin Farmer

Thank you for your comment. Angel doesn´t eat the amount recommended on the dry food package but like you said, she too is very active and content, always on the go when we are in the house.

She is a lovely addition to our family and the kids just adore her. I was concerned that she wasn´t eating much but then read somewhere esle that dogs instinctively know how much they need. And as I´ve just said what matters is she´s content, acitive and seems perfectly healthy - not lethargic etc. So going to stop worrying and just enjoy seeing her develop.

Thanks once again for your comment.

Weight of 3 Month Puppy
by: Anonymous

My cocker was exactly 12 weeks old just a few days ago and he was weighed at just over 4 kilos (perhaps 4.5 kilos but certainly not 5.

He is of slight build and in comparison to other puppies I've seen, he does seem to be on the small side but his mum was a slim neat build too.

The mum dog looked perfectly healthy - not over weight or under weight - a lovely weight in fact and I'm hoping that our little pup will be the same.

Our pup doesn't eat as much as the 'recommended' amount of dry puppy food either but is perfectly healthy and active and happy.

If the same applies to your pup then I wouldn't worry. I met a female cocker pup who was only 2 weeks older than our little boy and looked almost twice the size.

There also seems to be so many overweight dogs I've noticed so I wouldn't worry.

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