Hunnie Is Underweight

by Angie Guzman
(North Las Vegas, Nevada, United States)

Underweight Cocker Spaniel Puppy?

Underweight Cocker Spaniel Puppy?

I have a gorgeous cocker spaniel, but I think she may be a little underweight - she looks so small and skinny.

Can you tell me, what kind of foods can I feed her to help her gain weight?

Reply from Pauline (Web Owner)

You don't say how old your cocker spaniel is, nor do you give her weight, so I can only offer you a general answer to your question.

My first recommendation would be to take your cocker to see her vet - just to rule out any health problems. Get her weight checked at the same time and ask the vet what weight he thinks she should be.

Assuming that your dog is fit and healthy and her failure to gain weight is not caused by an underlying illness, the first thing I'd do is change her to a better quality food.

She needs more calories and a higher quality protein than she's currently getting.

I recommend a good quality kibble, the best you can afford. Check the manufacturer's labels to determine the quality of the dog food ingredients and choose one that's not stuffed full of fillers such as corn.

You can learn more about your Cocker's diet here.

Changing from one dog food to another will need to be done gradually so that it doesn't cause her digestion any upset.

You can also add a small child's handful of plain boiled chicken or turkey to her kibble and monitor the results.

Once she get to her ideal weight, the one recommended by your vet, reduce the amount of chicken you give her until her weight stabilises. If necessary, remove it from her diet altogether as the kibble should give her all the nutrition she needs.

Good luck and let us know how she gets on!

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Not Too Many Treats!
by: Jack

Yes, give her lots of cuddles and treats, but please be careful as some dog treats (in fact most dog treats) are 'empty calories' (there's not much nutrition in them) and so they won't really do her a lot of good.

I hope Hunnie begins to put weight on very soon.

Love and hugs xxx

Poor Hunnie
by: Anonymous

Pool little Hunnie! Give her lots of treats and love from me. xxx

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