How Can I Stop My Puppy Biting?

by Amanda
(United Kingdom)

No Rabbits Here!

No Rabbits Here!

Hello, I have some problem with my young puppy. She's 1 month old and she bites and bites everyone all the time; she bites shoes, hands, clothes, hair....everything!

I love my puppy, but she's driving me mad.

What can I do to get her to stop?

Reply from Pauline (Web Owner)

It's a fact - all puppies bite!

If the puppy had remained with her mother, she would have taught her puppy 'bite inhibition. This is where the puppy learns that biting hurts and so will reduce the pressure of the bite.

However, as you are now her 'mother' that job falls to you.

You will have to teach your puppy that biting is wrong and an unwanted behavior.

Rather than explain it to you here, you can learn a little more about young puppies and how to stop your puppy biting by following the link.

But my general advice would be for you to gently touch the end of your puppy's nose (not smack) when she bites and say 'No!' in a loud firm voice, stop all play and move away from her.

You could squeal instead to let her know she's hurt you, but the main thing is to move away and ignore her.

What this is doing is showing your puppy that when she bites using a particular 'pressure' it hurts humans and is unacceptable - but worst of all there's no more play-time!

Here's a few do's and don'ts to help you:

  • Never let your pet get away with biting; always reprimand her.

  • Don't smack your puppy biting.

  • Do repeat the above advice whenever your puppy bites. It may take a while before she understands, but she'll learn.

  • Do ensure all the family do the same when your puppy bites.

  • Make sure any visitors to your home understand what they need to do if your puppy bites them.

  • If you've any young children, stay with them and watch them at all times when playing their puppy.

  • Don't play rough, and (for now at least) don't play tug-of-war games with your puppy.

  • Give your puppy lots of praise when she gets it right.

  • It's up to you now. Do lots of practice, have patience and good luck!

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Pup Biting
by: Gill

Hi, just another wee tip. One month is very young for a pup and usually they would be playing with their litter mates and practising biting with them. However, my cocker spaniel kept biting (well puppy nipping really) until about 5 or 6 months.

And their teeth are so sharp!

The yelping that I was taught that would stop him didn't work, 'cos he took that as an invitation to bite some more! But, a tip I learnt from a book was to teach him 'kisses'. This involved putting flavoured lip balm on my arms/face/legs etc and he would learn to lick that. And when he did, you told him 'kisses'.

He never bites now so it was a good tip!

Anyway hope this helps just a wee bit.

Good luck and enjoy your puppy, it goes so quickly!

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