Healthy Mutt Chow:
Lamb With Brown Rice And Veggies

by Delicia
(Canisteo, NY)

This is one of the best home-made dog food recipes I've ever tried (or rather, my dog has ever tried!).

I recommend you have a go!


1 lb of ground lamb,

Marrow from 2 beef bones (easily boils out - I use chicken broth for this),

4 tablespoons olive oil,

2 and 1/4 cups of whole brown rice,

1/4 cup of frozen peas and carrot - personally, I prefer fresh veggies!

1/4 cup of fresh spinach and/or kale, chopped finely,

2 cloves of chopped, fresh garlic (1 if it's a large one),

A couple of tomatoes, skin and seeds removed and chopped - plum tomatoes are great,

4 vitamin E gel capsules,

1 large carton of chicken broth,


Cooking Instructions

Cook out the bone marrow with chicken broth.

Cook the lamb in the broth.

Add the rice and cook, according to rice cooking directions.

In the meantime, blanch the tomatoes for 1 minute to remove the skins. Then remove seeds and chop.

If using frozen peas and carrots, thaw them and throw them in with the lamb and rice for the final 5 - 10 minutes of cooking time, along with the chopped garlic.

Remove the mixture from the heat and immediately add the spinach, kale, olive oil and tomato.

Cool completely and add the vitamin E by pricking a hole in the capsule and squeezing into the food.

Thoroughly mix together.

This works real well with Rachel Rays "Just 6" hard dog food.

I believe dogs should have hard food to keep their teeth and gums healthy and "Just 6" is one of a few really healthy dog foods

TIP: Pack into ice cube trays and freeze. Pop them out into a freezer container.

They stay fresh and thaw quite quickly.

Don't use a microwave to defrost as it destroys the nutritional value and mineral content.

The tomato will supply a small percentage of Lycopene and the other veggies speak for themselves - they're full of goodness!

Notice no corn, wheat, or even oats as many dogs have a low tolerance for these foods and can sometimes be allergic to them.

If you have a dog who has a bit of arthritis, throw a little Cayenne in there too - the Capsasin in the Cayenne will help a bit.

If you want to add a special treat, why not grow some grass indoors and when it's ready, chop it up and throw a small handful into the mixture when it's cooled.

A little chlorophyll never hurt anyone!

In fact, it's fantastic for your beloved pets.

Today, you can even buy Chlorophyll!

To help with, or to keep a dogs intestinal tract running smoothly, buy some Acidophiles and add a little to the food before serving or to plain yoghurt if you don't mind dairy products in their diet.

NB: Acidophiles must be refrigerated at all times as it contains live organisms.

Do I love my dog, or what!?

...and one more thing, oral healthcare is of the utmost importance to your pet's health. Bad oral hygiene can cause many problems for your pet. So make them brush their teeth and tongue!

My best to you and your best friend.

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Lamb With Brown Rice And Veggies

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Lamb and Rice - Scrummy!
by: Anonymous

Great recipe - thanks for sharing!

Great Recipe!
by: Anonymous

Great recipe! I (or rather my dogs) can thoroughly recommend it.

Give it a try - you won't be disappointed - your Cocker(s) will wolf them down.

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