Happy with the puppy farms

by Adriana

Not All Puppy Mills Are Bad But It's Best To Check Them Out!

Not All Puppy Mills Are Bad But It's Best To Check Them Out!

I bought a puppy from a puppy farm. I actually went there to choose the one I wanted. They were kept in pens, but the dogs were fine.

I took her home and she is a lovely dog, she is very affectionate.

The lady gave me the card with the vaccinations and she told me when I have to buy the worming and flea treatment as well as the next vaccination date.

I think breeders always want to get the business and with the excuse that they give you the pedigree papers and all that they charge a lot more.

My puppy is fine, and I don't regret buying her from the puppy farm.

I guess not all farms are the same, but if you go there and have a look before you buy and you can see the puppies are well looked after, you should be okay.

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I guess you're right - not all puppy farms are bad.

You obviously used your initiative and visited the puppy mill and checked it out.

The fact that the puppies looked healthy and you were given a vaccination card for your puppy gladdens my heart - the breeder sounds like she really cares for her puppies.

Your puppy is lucky, but, unfortunately, there are many puppies from puppy farms that aren't so lucky.

Thanks for letting us know your story.

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Horror Story
by: Anonymous

Hello, I'm happy that you have had a good experience with the puppy mill that you visited. Unfortunately, I know of many others who aren't so lucky.

I also know of several cases where they have visited a farm, not knowing it was a puppy farm, and haven't been able to bring themselves to come away without 'rescuing' a puppy.

That has proven to be misguided as my friend's puppy died within three weeks of him coming home and the 'breeder' didn't want to know. The poor puppy never stood a chance.

On top of that, my friend suspected the puppy was not a pure pedigree Cocker Spaniel, as was promised.

I know it's not easy to walk away from one of these places, but that would be my recommendation.

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