Fidget Is My Name

by Joanne
(Hermanus, Western Cape, South Africa)

With My Brother Chucky Before I Didn't Like Him

With My Brother Chucky Before I Didn't Like Him

This is Fidget, one of two cocker spaniels in our family, but one of three dogs - we also have a chocolate lab. Fidget is turning ten this year.

Fidget is often misunderstood.

By looking at this incredibly cute boy, you would never believe that he is anti-social and one day woke up and took a disliking to his older brother Chucky.

It got so bad we now have a fence splitting our garden in two :( (Terrible fights and vet appointments, doggy psychiatrists, the works!)

To us, he is the most affectionate little boy you could ever meet, but give him a chance and don't sneak up on him, or be older than 16, and he will shower you with love, nervously at first.

Fidget dislikes:

His brother,
People walking past our house,
Anybody in an overall,
Having his nails clipped!

Fidgets Likes:

His Mom and Dad, and getting to sleep in the king-size bed with them at night,
His walks on the farm,
Picking up gifts to bring to people when they visit,
Eating raw chicken necks,
Being stroked under his chin (Favourite spot),
Ginger biscuits,
Milo! (He can smell it miles away. When we make a cup of milo for ourselves, we always leave him a little sip).

Fidget would give up his life for his parents if he needed to, and I would do the same! x

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Fidgets Comment - response
by: Jo-anne

Thanks Sandy and Gerry for the comments.

Strangely enough Sandy, I took Fidget to an animal behaviorist and she said it was me ... and I was too soft, however I felt Fidget was even more scared when she was dominating him and pushing him into packs of dogs where he was very uncomfortable ... needless to say we didn't stay with her for too long.

Gerry, Fidget is a loving dog, I only wish he and his brother Chucky could get on again. He could then sit with the rest of us at night on the couch and watch TV, however he does get our full attention at night when he sleeps with us. And Zoey (our chocolate lab) goes between the two spaniels, just so he doesn't get too lonely.

Thanks again for the comments.

Kisses from Fidget xx

Fidget The Cocker
by: Sandy

I had a cocker spaniel just like Fidget - so totally misunderstood that her life was almost cut short with a one-way trip to the vets!

That was how desperate I was.

And then, a friend recommended a canine behaviourist (which wasn't cheap) but it did the trick. It didn't happen overnight, it took a good few months of hard work. The problem all along had been my handling of her - I was too harsh.

Don't get me wrong, I never mistreated her - ever! She was simply a timid cocker spaniel whose only response to being frightened was to be aggressive.

Thankfully, that's all in the past now and I have a loving, gentle Cocker, who's so lucky to be alive.

Kisses to Fidget x

Fidget Is Cool
by: Gerry

Poor misunderstood Fidget!

He sounds a loving cocker spaniel that just sometimes gets it wrong. I've known many like that, but at the end of the day, it's not the dog that gets it wrong it's us humans!

We often don't understand what they're thinking and try to apply our human understanding and logic to their doggie world.

Big pats to Fidget for me please!

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