Ellie The Surrogate Mother

by Agnes

Tian - Look At Those Appealing Eyes!

Tian - Look At Those Appealing Eyes!

I adopted Ellie from Wood Green Animal Shelter in 1996. She was on her way to the re-homing kennels from quarantine when my son and I followed her along the path.

I wasn't looking to adopt a dog as I already had a Springer Spaniel, I had merely gone to buy some dog food, but when she turned around and tried to reach us I was hooked!

I asked the member of staff about her and he warned me that, although she was very pretty, a spaniel needs lots of exercise.

When I explained I already had a Springer and was well aware of their needs, he immediately let me reserve her pending house checks, etc.

Unfortunately, a couple of days later Ellie became very ill with Kennel Cough and at one point it was touch and go whether she would survive.

I would drop my son off at school each morning and then go on to Wood Green to see Ellie, having to remove my clothes in the conservatory and shower before I could have contact with Snuff when I returned home!

I did this every day for six weeks until I was able to eventually take her home. This is when we found out that Ellie's previous owner had not been honest about the reasons she was put up for adoption. She had obviously been badly treated as she would flinch if we moved too quickly or held something which to her resembled a stick and would hide under the table.

Also she wouldn't cross a doorway into another room. She would just stand and look at me and if I went towards her she would back off. When I realised that she had obviously been shut away on her own I gradually and patiently encouraged her to come through the doorways and it wasn't long before she was running through the house and upstairs to my bed!

She was more frightened of men and it took her some time to trust the males in the family.

However, Ellie immediately formed a firm friendship with Snuff and when two years later she had her litter, Ellie was allowed to mother all ten puppies. She would clean them and worry about them if they wandered too far from the whelping box as soon as they could move around and Snuff allowed her to sleep with her lovely family.

She would not be left out!!

We kept two of Snuff's puppies and the four of them lived together very happily. We would all go on holiday to Scotland and they had a wonderful life in the country.

We had Ellie from ten months old until she died at the age of fifteen. She was such a joy, a loyal and loving friend to the family and to Snuff and Boomer and Belle.

I still miss her very much.

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Ellie - A Lovely Mum!
by: Dannie

This is such a heartwarming story - I would have loved to have seen a photo of Ellie though.

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