Ear Problem

by Nutan

Cocker Spaniel Ear Problems Can Be Avoided By Keeping Them Clean

Cocker Spaniel Ear Problems Can Be Avoided By Keeping Them Clean

Hello, I have a two and a half month old cocker spaniel. I have been asked by the vet to tie his ears while feeding him but still his ears are well exposed because he lies on the floor and plays and that makes the hair on his ears dirty.

The vet cleans the inside of his ears but the hairs are still dirty and I have been asked not to bathe him for another month so how do I clean the hairs on the ears?

Can I use a pup shampoo and clean his ears only?

Reply from Pauline (Web Owner)

Hi Nutan,

You can buy specially formulated ear cleaner from most reliable pet stores or perhaps your vet could recommend a suitable product. They don't cost a lot but could save you money on vet fees by keeping your dog's ears clean and bacteria and infection at bay.

Some products come in the form of oily drops which are used inside the ear to soften and remove wax but also contain something to kill bacteria, something like tea tree oil.

There are other products on the market that are meant to be used as a cleaning agent only (rather than healing) and should be used on the area outside of the ear. If the fur around the bottom edge of your puppies ears are dirty, I would recommend this type of product.

You might also like to try using gentle baby wipes to keep his fur around his ears clean. I often use baby wipes on my cocker spaniel and they're great for little 'accidents' around the bottom area.

This article will explain the best way to go about cleaning your puppy's ears. I recommend you clean your them once each day for a week and then weekly thereafter.

Don't worry too much about the fur on the tips of his ears - you'll never stop them from getting dirty! - but you may be able to stay on top by using wipes.

I also recommend you read these pages on Cocker Spaniel ears - they're full of helpful advice and information on how to look after them.

I hope this has helped, and good luck!

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Dirty Ears
by: Anonymous

You might also like to buy your puppy a special food and water bowl to keep his ears from dangling into his dinner.

The bowls and shaped wide at the bottom and a smaller opening at the top so that his ears flop around the outside of the opening.

Works for me!

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