Driving Miss Tilly

by Lynn
(Atlanta, GA USA)

Nice Hats!

Nice Hats!

Vini and Tilly are 7 years old - they are so very loved!

Wherever I go, they follow.

Vini has genetic ear problems and needs constant care for his ears, as many Cockers do. Vini is a lover and never gives problems about his ears. He sits patiently as I take care of them.

Tilly is my little Diva - very much the girl!

My children are grown so these two have become my children and I wouldn't be without them!

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The Hats....
by: Lynn

The hats they have on in this pic were just for the picture! The hat on Tilly was a crochet goof up, so I just put it on her. Vini's hat was given to me and was the inspiration for putting the hats on them.

Thank you everyone for the nice comments. I love it when people make over them.

Cocker Spaniel Ears
by: Jon

Sorry to hear about your cocker's problems with his ears. Unfortunately, it's a common problem in cocker spaniels.

I've been very lucky as my cocker doesn't suffer too much from problems in his ears. However, I still clean them every other day with a little bit of ear cleaner which I get from the pet store. I think that's the solution for many basic ear problems in cockers.

Your cockers look beautiful and so smart in their hats!

Cocker Children!
by: Anonymous

I too have cocker spaniel 'children' and I wouldn't have it any other way! I love my dogs and have to admit, I do treat them like little boys.

I don't dress them up, I couldn't bear to do that. I don't put them in hats (but wouldn't object to it) but they do wear scarves around their necks. They look really sweet!

I think Tilly and Vini look adoreable in their hats - they're so cute!

I hope you let them wear Santa's hats when the time comes - I bet they'd look really sweet in those!

Vinin and Tilly - How Cute!
by: Daisy

I love their little hats! Don't Vini and Tilly look so very cute?

Cockers very often suffer from ear problems - mine does too, although he's not very tolerant when I want to clean them. He shuffles around and moves his head to stop me from getting at them.

It takes a military operation to get anywhere near them sometimes - he's even growled at me before now! However, he's not too bad.

Your little cockers sound (and look) so sweet and gentle - I love them both!

by: Rashmi Verma

Awwwwwwwww...they are so very cute. They look so sweet together in the picture with their hats on.

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