Double Trouble

by Saundra Gilmore
(Arlington Texas)

Bella is 1 year old and Sr. Marli is 2 years old. When these two are together, they are hilarious and they are so protective of each other!

Bella chases Marli every day, all day, and swinging from his tail - it's too funny!!!

Bella has to be in the back window of the car every time we go somewhere (if she isn't trying to get in my lap while driving) but the crazy part is Marli always did the same thing!

They are friendly dogs but can be so aggressive at times but all the folks I have run into have said that's just the breed!?

They both sleep with me - Bella at the end of the bed, and sometimes Marli, but usually on the side of the bed!

We just moved to Texas from Cali and they seem to love it!

I get them toys and tennis balls - OMG they never last a full day without being torn to pieces!

Marli is the ball catcher. Bella couldn't care less - she just wants to chase Marli and his tail!

I so love them so much!

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Beautiful Cockers
by: Karen (Manchester UK)

What beautiful cockers - I loved your story!

Bella And Marli
by: Anonymous

I absolutely love the hairstyles - they look so cute. It sounds like Bella teases her 'big brother' like crazy! I bet they're always up to some trouble or another.

My dogs love to ride in my car too, and they sleep in my bed, although I sometimes have to make them sleep in their own bed from time to time as they try to 'take over' the bed and have been known to growl at me when I've gone to get on my own bed - can you believe it?

I don't think cockers are naturally aggressive, I just think they just get a bit too big for their britches from time to time! :)

Lovely Cockers!
by: Anonymous

What lovely cockers - I love the sticky-up hair style.

Hugs from me to them.

Funny Dogs!
by: Sam

Your dogs are too funny, I smiled while reading your post! Have a great day with your lovely dogs! :)

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