Dog Sniffing Constantly

by Carly

Why Does My Dog Sniff Constantly?

Why Does My Dog Sniff Constantly?

Hi, Our three and a half year old bitch has started sniffing inside our lounge and hallway since Christmas!

It can be in different areas of each room but it is constantly. It is beginning to get frustrating for both of us!

We had another dog stay the weekend and he didn't pay any attention to it, so we know there are no rodents.

Please help!

Carly and Ruby dog.

Reply From Pauline (Web Owner)

Hello Carly and Ruby Dog!

Well, I don't like to state the obvious, but dogs love to sniff - there, I said it!

Seriously, sniffing is their way of exploring and communicating in our human world, but to be honest with your Carly, I'm not really sure what's going on here.

What confuses my is why it's just started since Christmas?

I'm assuming that you've lived where you are for a while and not moved in recently, so there should be nothing new there - your Cocker should be used to the scent of your home.

Is it possible that another dog has had a little 'accident' on your carpet which has gone unnoticed, or which you've cleaned up recently? Even if you clean it up well, a dog will still smell it unless you use a special cleaner to remove all dog scents.

Are you sure there are no rodents, perhaps under the floor boards? Cocker Spaniels have a keen sense of smell and hearing. It could be that she can hear something and is trying to sniff it out.

Dogs sniff for many reasons, one of which is nervousness and sniffing has a calming effect on them. If you've never seen this before, next time you're in a dog park, just stop and watch the other dogs. You may see two dogs close to each other, but sniffing the ground (not each others butts). In this situation what is happening is that both dogs are nervous of each other, sniffing the ground is an avoidance tactic (as well as calming).

Sometimes a dog will sniff the ground until another dog has passed - that's another example of nervousness and avoidance. We do the same ourselves, if we see someone in the street we don't want to meet, we look the other way (pretending not to see them) and hurry past them - come on, we've all done it some time. :)

Have there been any changes in your household recently - someone new, who she's a little unsure of?

Take a step back. The next time your Cocker begins sniffing, ask yourself what's changed. Is there someone different in the room or house? What was she previously doing? Can you hear any noises? What exactly is she doing? Is it frantic sniffing, as though she could smell or hear something, or is it a more gentle 'avoidance' sniffing?

I'm afraid this situation has me stumped, but if you're really worried, why not take her to your vet and have her checked over? At least he or she will be able to reassure you there's nothing physically wrong.

Please let me know if you get to the bottom of this - I'm now really curious!

Kind regards,

PS: Perhaps some of our visitors might know what's going on - come on guys, what's your opinion? Can you help Carly?

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1 year old cocker X
by: Steff and Chase

Hi, my 1 year old spaniel runs around the house sniffing constantly. We definitely don’t have rodents, no cats and the floor gets cleaned fairly often (hardwood flooring).

It looks as though he goes to follow a scent however his movements are so erratic I really don’t know what he’s doing.

When he was younger he used to retrieve on command perfectly. Now if you throw a toy inside he runs to t but then put his nose the floor and runs around like a mad dog. He now doesn’t retrieve to command, simply when he’s done sniffing!

This is very irritating and he’s the same outside. I’ve read that their dog senses take over and hearing tends to be left behind but he will stop and look, await a command then bark and carry on sniffing!


Cocker Spaniel Sniffing
by: Dan

That's a good thought - perhaps she is coming into season. Why not log these events (sniffing, season, fireworks, etc) on a calendar and see if you can come up with a patter?

It might just help - good luck!

Same Again!
by: Anonymous

Hi, Not long after posting this message she stopped and we never got to the bottom of the problem!

We checked all the obvious things like rodents, new things, etc.
It's strange that this weekend she started to do the same..... it started at my mum's house sniffing her rug! then we took her home and she started back at our house doing the same thing!
I was wondering if it could be to do with this time of year with fireworks and things going off?

We didn't hear any last night but there was a few Saturday night. Either that or she could possibly be coming into season! She doesn't have a consistent pattern but her last one was over 6 months ago?

Dog Sniffing
by: Dan

Is it possible he's sniffing the other dog that visited recently? Why not try cleaning the floors with a special dog scent remover. If it doesn't work, at lease you've eliminated one more potential reason for his sniffing.

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