Is My Dog Peeing Too Much?

My Cocker Spaniel Pees A Lot!

Is My Dog Peeing Too Much?
By: Lila Iyer (Bangalore, India)

Hello! my dog pees a lot and I'm worried. I have a 21 month-old, male cocker spaniel and he needs to go out every 3 hours, or sometimes more often! 

Buff colored Cocker Spaniel, pantingMom, I need to pee again!

Is my dog peeing too much?

He drinks a lot of water - we're in Bangalore, India. I've provided him with a bucket of water, since he prefers that to a bowl. Will it be okay if I regulate the amount of water by taking it away once he drinks after his meal?

Also, he's been neutered. As a consequence, he's put on 2 and 1/2 kgs in the past six months. (He is about 14" tall and now weighs 14.50 kgs) He refuses to go for walks, however, he loves to play within the compound, but it's sad to see him gasping for breath every now and then.

Before his operation, envying friends would often comment on his delightful vigorous play with all dogs he came across.

Regarding the latter problem, is it possible for him to regain his old active life, or is his lethargy also a result of the operation? 

I will be grateful for any suggestions regarding diet and water input.

Thank you.

Is My Cocker Spaniel Dog Peeing Too Much? 

Answer by: Pauline (Website Owner)

Hello Lila, 

If your dog is drinking lots of water, it's only natural that he's peeing a lot.

Personally, I wouldn't limit his intake of liquids, especially if it's hot as he'll need to stay hydrated. That's very important.

It sounds like your dog may need to lose a little weight. Many cockers put on weight after being neutered but it's not as a direct result of the operation. It's because their bodies need less calories than before the operation.

You can buy special kibble for neutered dogs (less calories) or you can simply adjust his diet accordingly - your vet can probably help if you ask, just make sure he still gets all his vitamins and minerals to keep him healthy. You're aiming for a well-balanced nutritional diet.

Try to encourage him to walk and, if you can, give him a walk each day. Nothing too strenuous at first. You could try two short walks each day and gradually extend them. You say he likes to play in the compound, throw him a Frisbee or a ball and let him run around for as long as he enjoys. This should help to get those extra calories off.  

Follow this link for more ideas on how you can help your dog to lose weight

Once he starts losing the extra weight he'll feel much better and will be able to jump about and exercise just like he used to before being neutered.

Best of luck to you both!

PS: Drinking lots and lots of water may be down to the heat, but it's also a symptom of diabetes. I don't want to worry you Lila, and I'm sure your Cocker is okay, but it might be sensible to take him to see his vet and get him checked out - just to be on the safe side. Your vet will also be able to help with your dog's weight management.

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Cocker Spaniel Dog Peeing Too Much
Comment by: Raji 

Yes, I agree. If your dog drinks water when it's hot, it's only natural that he's going to pee a lot.

My question would be, are you sure he's drinking lots of water because it's hot or does he have a health problem, such as diabetes? Have you had it checked by the vet?

If he loses a bit of weight, (if he's overweight) then it will help him to run around a bit more. Games are a good way to get your dog moving and instead of rewarding him with treats, why not reward him with praise, cuddles, or a game of hide and seek?

I hope your cocker spaniel is back to his old self soon.