Do Cockers Shed And What's Their Temperament Like?

by Nancy
(United States)

Cocker Spaniels Don't Shed As Much As Other Breeds

Cocker Spaniels Don't Shed As Much As Other Breeds

I am looking for a puppy for my foster child - do Cocker Spaniels shed and can you tell me about their temperament? What should I expect to pay for a cocker spaniel puppy?

Reply from Pauline (Web Owner)

Hi Nancy,

Great to hear you're going for a Cocker Spaniel - they're such a wonderful breed!

Now, to answer your questions.

Cocker Spaniels do shed, but not a lot - especially if they're clipped. I hardly ever find dog hairs on my carpets or furnishings but I know it varies from dog to dog. A word of caution though, I believe the solid black cockers tend to shed more than other colors.

The cocker spaniel temperament is wonderful and they're great with kids. If you'd like to learn more about this wonderful breed, I recommend you read this the following.

Cocker Spaniel Temperament

Cocker Spaniel Characteristics

The Cocker Spaniel Breed

Cocker Spaniels make really good family dogs, but where children are concerned, it's vital to establish some firm ground rules for them to follow, such as leaving the dog alone when he's in his crate or bed, not playing too rough, help to train the dog, don't approach the dog when he's feeding, etc.

Please note, I would establish these ground rules for any breed of dog, not just the cocker spaniel.

Where the children are young, it's probably better to supervise them until you can be confident that you can trust them both to 'behave'.

As for the price, expect to pay anything from between $250 - $1000 (sometimes more).

We have pages on how to find a reputable cocker spaniel breeder and what questions to ask the breeder, which may help you. You can find them here - How To Find Responsible Cocker Breeders and here - The Right Questions To Ask A Breeder!

Good luck and I hope you and your foster child enjoy your new cocker spaniel puppy!

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Great Comments!
by: Stephan S. Johnson

Thanks a lot again for a lot of things.

Cockers Shedding
by: Tony

My cocker hardly ever loses her coat, although if I brush her there's usually lots of fur in the brush when I'm finished.

Better in the brush than on the furniture and carpets!

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