Delta Only Interested In One Thing!

by Kellie
(New Zealand )

Delta Cocker Spaniel

Delta Cocker Spaniel

This is my honey bear eagerly looking up at what I have in my hand. Now if you know cocker spaniel's then you will know what I'm holding (LOL) yes, indeed it is...... food.

She's patiently waiting for her treat after doing some cool tricks. Delta is now 10 years old and is my best friend of all time, the love of my life even smiles when I smile at her. She owns a piece of my heart.

She has had two litters which was a fantastic experience and I was unable to let two babies go so they are now part of the family hence the (mum of pups).

Delta was such a lovely gentle mum but now they are older and she's even older its competitors all over again. Even though delta is now 10 years old she continues to beat her daughters Storm and Elite in swimming for the ball.

I'm such a proud mum.

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Delta, Golden Cocker Spaniel
by: Anonymous

She's beautiful, I can see why you're proud of her!

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