Cocker Spaniel Rescued From Craigslist!

Maddie Recovering

Maddie Recovering

I recently rescued a poor, miserable Cocker Spaniel girl from Craigslist! Her name is Maddie. I was told she was seven, but she is actually somewhere between ten and twelve years old.

When I first saw her, she had a huge growth covering one eye, her teeth were falling out, and she was very dirty. I couldn't bear to leave her in that condition so I brought her home.

I had her groomed and cleaned up. She had 16 teeth pulled, an additional 2 fell out while cleaning. The vet also discovered she had an infection in her jaw and a double ear infection. Unfortunately, she is now deaf - most likely from the long term ear infections.

The good news is she's a happy little girl now and so sweet. She's also very thankful to be out of pain - I'm going to keep her and give her the home she deserves.

She's recovering now and she's so amazing and polite!

She just dances around the house and is starting to give kisses. She is so wonderful. She looks great, and friends and family have been commenting on the swelling in her face going down, saying "she looks like a totally different dog!".

The photos were taken the day I brought her home from surgery. I did not take photos of her the day I got her, I didn't even think of it, I was just scrambling to get her on pain medication and antibiotics, and to the groomers!

I was able to get all of this done from the Saturday that I picked her up at 4 pm to that following Monday morning for surgery. I put poor Maddie through a lot in 72 hours, but she still loves me (?).

She cuddles with me every night before bed and loves to get treats. She is still not allowed to have any hard bones due to the infection in her jaw bone and the gums had to be re-pulled back over the exposed bone. The doctor stated it could be Christmas time before her jaw and gums are completely healed. She's eating normally with everything else though. She is on a high end dog food to work on her coat and she is going to get a bath this weekend.

Paying for this has really put a huge financial strain on me, but I just had to help her - I simply couldn't leave her.

That's why I'm asking if anyone would like to give a small donation towards a Cocker Spaniel that so desperately needed rescuing from Craigslist.

I can show all medical documentation and bills. If you can, I would be so grateful for any help with her medical bills.

You can call Banfield at 719-638-9633 under Maddie. The clinic can also answer any questions you may have about her care.

Thank you for listening and for any help you can give.

Again thank you so much for sharing her story - Maddie deserves it!


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Cocker Spaniel from Craiglist
by: Ei

If you look up at the sky you'll see a section in heaven marked RESERVED. It's the special place just for you and your pup! Blessings to both of you!

Your existence makes the world a better place that I'm happy to share!

Give both your pet and yourself a hug for me.

by: Deb ODell

U r a wonderful person with so much love!! She's a very lucky little girl. I'm looking for a cocker now.

Maddie's On The Mend!
by: Pauline (Web Owner)

This story brought a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye and it's very sad to think that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

We need more amazing people like Jamie in this world!

If you can help, please do.


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