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Hello, My Name's Bianca!

Hello, My Name's Bianca!

Hi! I just have a few questions for you. I found an 8 year old male cocker spaniel on New Year's day. I took him to a shelter to be looked after as I found him almost frozen to death.

He is currently ill, but once he's better, he will be adoptable.

What information can you offer me regarding expectations for an 8 year old cocker spaniel male?

I would appreciate any information as I have never had a pet before. And, I think it was a sign that he needed love and a good home when I found him.

Thank you, Rhea.

Reply from Pauline (Web Owner)

Hello Rhea, I guess you may never know how your Cocker ended up 'lost' unless the owner comes forward to claim him - you need to be prepared for the possibility of this.

In the meanwhile, once the cocker spaniel has recovered sufficiently, the staff at the shelter should be able to assess him for behavioral problems, if any, and temperament.

Their vet will check him over to see if he's healthy and without parasites (dog fleas and ticks etc.) and check to see if he's chipped or tattooed.

Luckily, adult cocker spaniels don't take half as much looking after as young puppies, although they do need a routine.

If you're to adopt this Cocker you'll need to buy him a dog bed and if you intend to crate him, a dog crate and a couple of cozy dog blankets. You can learn about crate training a dog here.

He'll also need a few essential dog grooming tools, a couple of toys or chew ropes, a suitable collar with an identification tag, and of course, a lead.

Don't forget a couple of bowls for his food and water.

There will be other things he'll need, such as flea medication and worming treatments, but you can buy those later.

Your cocker should be fed once or twice each day and given fresh water daily. I recommend feeding him kibble (small biscuit-type dog food) as it's a complete meal and is clean and odorless.

He'll need around one hour's exercise each day to keep him healthy and out of trouble - a tired dog is a contented (and usually well-behaved) dog!

It's very likely that he was taught puppy obedience when he was younger which means he should be fairly well trained. I would recommend you 'test' him to see if he understands the basic commands. If he does, that's great, if not, why not teach him?

You can learn more about how to train your dog here.

This is the basic information you will need to help you take care of your new rescue dog.

While you're waiting for him to recover, why not trawl my website and see what you can learn? Simply browse through the titles on the navigation bar on the left side of the web pages.

For starters, I recommend you read the puppy care guide - as it's meant as advice for puppies, you won't need to follow all of the advice, however, it will give you an awareness of what you need to do for your adult cocker.

I think you've shown great kindness and compassion towards this dog and for that I applaud you.

I wish you lots of luck and happiness for the future!

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What Do I Need To Know?

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I Too Have Rescued An Abandoned Dog!
by: Vivienne

Mine came to me at 9:30 p.m. via a neighbor who brought a married couple to my home saying that they were going to euthanize the dog the very next morning!

Did I also mention that they were total strangers to me?

Anyway, my life really did not need another pet but how could I say no?

This boy is 7 years old, and was filthy and matted when I got him. It took me 5 hours to clean him up to make him presentable to come in to my clean home, with 2 cats and my best friend Ginger, my beloved Chihuahua.

He is blond, beautiful, sweet and had never been inside a home before - he was kept outside or in a garage.

He not neutered either. He raised a storm when first entering my home, so he also slept in my garage his first night here, but he was clean and could tell he had hit the jack pot.

It's just amazing how they know this!

So, to cut a long story short, $400 later in 8 days, he is groomed, teeth cleaned, all shots and neutered.

I contacted all the no kill shelters and no one could take another pet.

I think God brought him to me - kind of like a surprise pregnancy.

Please wish us oodles of success.

Rescued Cocker
by: Anonymous

Since you found this cocker abandoned, and he was almost frozen, you need to give him lots of love and care.

You will have to get this dog to trust you because I'm assuming that this guy was abused and left to die.

I have rescued 4 cocker spaniels throughout my years and all of them were abused and the main thing I can share with you is to get this cocker to trust you - it will take sometime and he will need lots of love and care, but once you earn his trust all else will fall into place.

Good luck.

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