Cocker Spaniel Puppy - No Documentation!

by Lora

Make Sure You Get The Relevant Paperwork Before Your Bring Home Your Cocker Spaniel

Make Sure You Get The Relevant Paperwork Before Your Bring Home Your Cocker Spaniel

I have a full blooded cocker spaniel puppy with no papers. The owner claims they didn't have the money to get the relevant papers.

How do I obtain papers for her?

Reply from Pauline (Web Owner)

Hi Lora,

I'm sorry to hear that you're having problems with your breeder.

First of all, you need to be able to establish that pedigree papers were promised.

Many professional breeders and hobby breeders give a contract setting out all the details. Do you have a copy of the advert or were you given a contract by the breeder?

It's not your problem that the breeder couldn't afford the papers, if they were part of the agreement, the breeder will legally have to produce them for you.

If you can't find a contract, (and the breeder originally advertised the puppies in a newspaper) perhaps you may be able to get a copy of the newspaper as proof of the promise of 'pedigree puppies complete with papers'. It's worth a try.

Once you've established that papers were promised, I would write to the breeder and politely ask when you can expect to receive the relevant documentation.

I would also copy this letter to the Kennel Club - make sure you note this on the letter, ie cc: Kennel Club.

If you don't receive any joy from the breeder, contact the Kennel Club, explain the situation, and ask if they will take it up on your behalf.

Hope this helps!

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Papers Are Not Always Needed
by: Ziggy

Yes, papers are lovely to help trace the bloodline, but unfortunately, many papers can be easily manipulated. We've had dogs with and without pedigree papers.

We've never bought a dog to breed; we've only ever had a dog for our family to love.

Our first Cocker Spaniel came about because a friend's handyman had two puppies for sale. There's no doubt they were full-blooded. I brought Shelby home (to the delight of my family, unannounced). Shelby was primarily white with a bit of brown. (My husband had told me the story that as a little boy, he had a picture of a white Cocker taped to his bedroom wall.) This puppy was smart, easy to train and loved my husband the best, but we would find her next to whichever family member was sick or sad. We paid $50 for her over 30yrs ago.

Our next Cocker had AKC paperwork, and we paid $400. We met both parents before buying. Jordan was not a great family pet; he would bite if you tried to take anything away, was not a cuddler by any means, had a ton of ear issues and skin issues, and was a barker.

Our next Cocker originated from a breeder of show dogs out of SC. Our groomer called me to see Macho Man at four months old. He had been sold to this couple because he was too tall to show. They never completed the paperwork. The man died, and the surviving owner did not want him. Females had abused him. He was free. He ended up being my dog and the most loving dog ever.

We bought a boxer without papers for $150. He was a great pet. Our next boxer came with papers and cost us $600. The seller "neglected" to inform us there was a heart murmur!!! I found it in the paperwork after we drove over 5 hours and had already fallen in love. We had a health scare at age 5, but he's doing well at age 9.

So it is good to try & find out where the dog came from, but all pets come with some potential health issues. Unless you want to breed, having paperwork won't make much difference. We came across a Blue Merle Cocker a few weeks ago; I had never seen one. The owners bought these two dogs purposely to breed. I tried saying as long as you don't breed 2 Merels together, there won't be any problems. They tried giving us contact information to buy puppies later. Neither dog had a pretty face; both were extremely small, so we weren't interested. Thank goodness for google, as I read up on breeding Blue Merles - definitely not good.

So research the best you can and love your pet like family.

Last Note: Years ago, my ex brought home an adorable ball of fur from a flea market; it mainly looked Cocker, but I'm not sure what else. Sadly we did not have her fixed; she ended up pregnant with 11 puppies. None of the pups was cute. I sold one to a co-worker and the rest to a pet store! We think that the Cocker puppies were crossed with a Doberman, maybe.

Yes, a pet store took these mixed pups. I always wished I had followed up on how much and what breed did they say they were. I was young and irresponsible.

Looking for a cocker spaniel puppy
by: Anonymous

We had two cockers without papers and they were the best dogs we ever had and we had them 13yrs.

We're now looking for a female puppy.

That's So Annoying!
by: Joyce

That's so annoying - that happened to me when I bought my cocker spaniel girl 3 years ago. The breeder promised she was a pedigree cocker spaniel and that she would come with papers as she had already registered the puppies.

When I came to pick her up to take her home, guess what? There were no papers!

She promised me that she would post them to me as soon as she received them, but weeks went by and I never heard anything.

I still don't have any papers and I wish I'd contacted Kennel club to see what I could have done, if anything.

I think this just goes to prove that you really do need to do your homework before choosing your breeder - don't be tempted into just accepting a breeder because he or she has puppies available.

Check them out - if they're a good breeder, their puppies will be worth waiting for.

Good luck, and I hope you get your puppy's papers!

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