Cocker Spaniel Puppies - Coming Soon!

by Ms Vickie
(Thornton, Colorado 80233)

Layla Buggy & Sir Jax

Layla Buggy & Sir Jax


I have always been a dog lover but because of circumstances beyond my control I’ve never been able to own one, now I have 3.

My Beagle was first. Sambina, she’s 6 and does not like Cockers. Haha! Then I got my Layla Buggy when Sambina was 2. Layla was 14 weeks old when I first brought her home. Beautiful Hidden Buff Ghost Merle, with an amazing blue eye. She was my first ever American Cocker and I fell hard.

When the vet said not to expect her eye to stay blue, and it did. That’s when I decided to breed my girl and started doing my research. The most important thing in my mind was about breeding Merle to Merle could cause serious problems, and I wasn’t comfortable using a stud, so we got us a Sir Jax. Jax was born 1/9/2018, solid Chocolate AKC champion sired.

Proud Papa fathered this first litter of Layla’s pups in October, pups will be available to take home the day before Valentines Day 2019.

This is my first time whelping pups and it’s been scary and exciting both at once!

Layla Buggy gave birth to 6 pups on 12/19/2018, 4 male and 2 female. The pups where whelped in the house and they stay with me in my room. My dogs are not my pets. They are my friends, my kids. I treat all of them like family.

The pups will have papers, tails docked, dew claws, vet health check, puppy go home bag (few necessities for baby), and a lifetime no questions asked return policy. If at any time you find you can’t keep your Cocker, bring them back. I will always take them back. No refund will be given, but your Cocker will always have a home here. Consider me a Godmother!

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