Cocker Spaniel Peeing At Night

My Dog Pees During The Night!

By: Winfield 


I wish I could stop my Cocker Spaniel peeing at night! Pepper has been potty trained and she's very good at holding it all day while my fiancé and I are at work.

Cocker spaniel puppy pees during the nightI'm sorry mom!

Her only (occasional) problems occur at night. She'll sometimes pee on the carpet during the night, and not always in the same place.

I take her out before we go to bed and I'm up by around 6:15 to take her out. She knows that when the alarm goes off (during the week) that I'm up and she's ready to go.

She usually sleeps in bed with us so as soon as the alarm goes off she jumps off the bed. (Weekends are a little different...she jumps off the bed or onto me when she is ready to pee and I know it's time to let her out).

Another factor to include is that we also have a cat who likes to prowl at night. They get along just fine, but the cat likes to get into things at night which wakes up my fiancé, which in turn, wakes the dog and me. 

I would love to know if there are any good ways to teach Pepper not to pee during the night.


Cocker Spaniel Peeing At Night

By: Pauline
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There's nothing worse than being woken at night - by anyone or anything - you wake up so grouchy in the morning, and it's even worse if you wake up to a little puddle!

Is Her Plumbing In Working Order?

I'm assuming Pepper doesn't have any problems with her waterworks and that everything's in good working order.

A normal healthy dog should be able to go all night. The only exceptions to this are very young puppies and senior dogs who are getting on in years.

Does She Have Too Much Pent-up Energy?

If your dog isn't getting enough exercise during the day, she may have too much excess energy, which in turn may be causing her to wake up (far too early) and then want to pee. 

Make sure your Cocker has lots of exercise during the day; walks, runs, training and play. This should give her the physical and mental stimulation she needs and will help her sleep through the night.

Does She Do The Business Before Bedtime?

When you take Pepper out at night do you stay with her and 'encourage' her to do her toilet? Do you actually stay with her to see if she has pee'd? 

If you don't stay, how long do you leave her outside? A minute or two isn't always long enough, unless she goes straight away and then wants to be let in again.

If you're certain that she pees before bedtime, my advice would be to restrict her water intake from say 9:00 pm at night, earlier if it doesn't give you the results you want, although I certainly wouldn't restrict liquids any earlier than 7:00 pm.

Why Not Crate The Cat?

When the cat wakes your fiancé, who in turn wakes your dog, does she want to go outside then? If that's also part of the problem, why not have the cat sleep in another room or crate it overnight, at least until you sort out Pepper's problem. That way you'll all get a good night's sleep.

Remove Her Water Bowl

Have you considered removing her water bowl a couple of hours before bedtime? 

That might help to stop your cocker spaniel peeing at night!

Summary: Cocker Spaniel Peeing At Night

So, to sum up:

  • Check she's not got any health issues, and that her 'plumbing' is working the way it should.

  • Make sure she's tired; plenty of exercise during the day.

  • Make sure you stay with her and confirm she actually pees before she goes to bed.

  • Remove her water bowl for a few nights to see if that does the trick - it should work, but let's wait and see.

  • Crate the cat (or at least let it sleep in another room) for a couple of nights.

  • Remove her water bowl before bedtime.

Good luck!

PS: I am assuming that you've not only cleaned the carpet where she pees, but you've used a scent removing product, because if she can still smell her urine it will 'encourage' her to pee in or near the same spot. 

Comments From Our Visitors

Cocker Spaniel Peeing At Night
By: Ester 

We had the same problem with our cocker spaniel peeing at night. We had her potty trained one minute and the next she was peeing in the house again.

I'm sorry to have to admit that our puppy duties had slipped a little. We had began to let her out of the back door into our garden and (especially if it was cold or raining) we'd leave her there and come back indoors. 

It sounds so cruel now. We never stayed with her to check that she'd peed. That was wrong of us.

Our vet advised us to remove her water bowl and hide it after 9:00pm and to take her out each night and watch her, encourage her to pee. 

We followed this advice and it wasn't long before our little puppy was dry overnight.