Cocker Spaniel Becoming Withdrawn

by Theo
(Bellville, Cape Town, South Africa)

Good day, I have 2 golden cocker spaniels who are both 5 years old. One is very laid back and chilled while the other one is very active and always on guard.

A few days ago I started noticing that my active spaniel has just become very quiet and all he wants do is lay in his basket. He does not want to participate in any activities I offer to him, which is not like him.

I would like to find out if you have any idea of why is he is behaving in this manner please? Your input would be much appreciated.

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Withdrawn Cocker Spaniel
by: Pauline (Web Owner)

Hi Theo, It's very difficult for me to advise you on the health of your cocker. I think the best person to do that would be your vet, but before you visit him/her you might like to make a few notes to help your vet diagnose the problem.

For example, is your cocker still eating his food? Is he still drinking? If not, I think it's really important to get him to his vet as soon as you can.

Do you think he's in pain? Is he whining or whimpering?

Is it possible he's eaten something bad while he's been out on his walk, or is it possible that he's been bitten or poisoned?

Does he have any other symptoms such as drooling, coughing, sneezing, or vomiting?

Does he have diarrhea?

Is he panting and does he have a temperature? You can check this yourself quite easily. A healthy temperature for a dog is between 99.5 and 102.5 - if he's outside of this he has a fever. Take him to his vet immediately.

Can he walk properly, and without limping?

Have you checked him for ticks, if so did you find any that had fed and were engorged?

Have you checked his ears for infection?

All of this information will help your vet. I recommend you jot it down so that you don't forget it.

Last but not least, dogs can become depressed.

Has anything significant happened? Have there been any changes in your circumstances recently, such as a move, a loss, or an addition to the family? These are things that can cause stress and strain and lead to eventual depression.

Lots there for you to think about Theo, but if it were me, I'd play safe and take him to see his vet.

Best of luck to you both, we'd love to hear how he gets on.

Kind regards,

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