Chewing Hind Side

by Chistina
(Pasadena, MD )

My Beautiful Cocker Spaniel Is Biting Her Bum!

My Beautiful Cocker Spaniel Is Biting Her Bum!

My cocker has recently started chewing all the hair off her tail and hind side. What could be causing her to do this? She has not wanted to leave my side and she seems to be tired all the time now.

This just started Saturday and already the area is completely raw and irritated. Could it just be that she is hot? It has been in the high 80's this last week and we usually have her shaved by now but haven't been able to get her an appointment yet.

Thank you.

Reply from Pauline (Web Owner)

Hi Christina, poor girl, it sounds like she has an itch that she just can't scratch!

Seriously, it could be one of many things and I think the best person to advise you would be your vet, especially if your Cocker has become very 'clingy' recently.

If you have an Elizabethan collar, I'd put that on her now (until you can get to the vets) so that she can't chew herself any further.

The problem could be a 'hot spot' caused by an allergy or it could be a psychological condition.

Have you changed her food recently? Has she been fed something out of the ordinary. Have you bathed her using a different shampoo?

I'm assuming she doesn't have any (dare I say it?) parasites that could be causing her to chew like that? I suspect not and even if she did she would be chewing and scratching all over her body and not just in one place.

Have you recently used something to wash or refresh your carpets that could be irritating her?

What about in the garden, are you using fertilizer or 'weed and feed' on your grass?

Before you take her to see her vet, you might want list a few notes to help the vet diagnose her condition more quickly and easily.

For example,

  • You first noticed her chewing on Saturday.
  • She's chewing only in one spot.
  • Let the vet know which shampoo you use.
  • Explain whether or not you've used any different products lately, such as flea treatment or shampoo, and when.
  • Explain whether or not you've tried treating the area and if so, what did you use? (If you have used something, I would take it to the vets with you so that they can look at the ingredients label - it may help.
  • List any other symptoms she may be showing, such as lethargy.
Anyway, I'm sure you get the picture! Anything you can say about your dog's behavior during the last couple of weeks will also help, especially if the problem is psychological.

Christina, I'm sure your vet will soon get to the bottom of your pet's chewing problem, so please don't worry.

Good luck and let us know how she gets on.

Kind regards,

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by: Anonymous

Cannot understand why most of these people dont take their poor little Cockers to the Vet cant they see something is not right.

Skin Irritation
by: Christine


I have a cocker that was chewing her tail end,
underarms and feet also.

The vet did a skin graft and said it was bacteria and put her on an antibiotic . It cleared up, but unfortunately, it eventually came back.

Chewing Skin
by: Justin

It sounds like a skin problem to me. Perhaps she has an allergy? Can you see anything there, like flakes of skin, spots, or a lump?

I'd take her to the vet and see what he's got to say. You can never be too careful.

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