Changed Eating Habits

by Elizabeth

Gorgeous Chocolate Cocker Spaniel Enjoying The Beach

Gorgeous Chocolate Cocker Spaniel Enjoying The Beach

My 11 year-old cocker spaniel's eating habits have suddenly changed. He's 'gumming' his food and is spilling it all over the floor.

He's also producing foamy white saliva.

Do you have any ideas why this is happening? Should I be worried?

Reply from Pauline (Web Owner)

Foaming at the mouth can be a sign of dog poisoning so if you suspect that this could be the case, I'd recommend you take your dog to see his vet immediately.

If poisoning is unlikely, and he's not showing any obvious signs of illness, it could be a number of things but it's difficult to advise because I don't have enough information and I don't know your dog. Additionally, I am not a vet.

I'm assuming that you've not changed his diet recently and that he has access to plenty of fresh, clean water.

Older dogs sometimes find digesting food a little difficult as they get older. You could try feeding your dog a diet of minced chicken, lamb, or beef, mixed with a little plain boiled white rice and see if he still makes a mess on the floor and that the foaming continues.

I'm assuming that your dog is not on any type of medication that could be causing these symptoms.

If your dog is only playing with his food, but looks eager to eat it, he may be having problems in his mouth. Check his mouth and gums for ulcers and tooth decay - an ulcer may be causing him pain and I believe it could also cause foaming of the saliva.

Aside from that - I'm afraid I'm stumped!

My sincere recommendation would be to take your Cocker Spaniel to see his vet for an accurate diagnosis.

Let us know how he gets on!

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Cocker's Eating Habits
by: Portia

It sounds like he might have problems with his teeth or gums. I'd take him to see his vet - he'll tell you what the problem is.

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