Caring For Sophie Cocker

Cocker Spaniel Puppy - Poop Machine!

By: Jane
Dorset UK

Hi, I'm Jane (Sophie's aunt) and I'm caring for Sophie cocker while her parents are away. My query is this! 

Chocolate brown cocker spaniel puppy lying on floor playing with toyMy aunt Sophie says I'm a little poop machine!

Sophie the cocker spaniel was born on June 11 and is active, beautiful and everything she should be! However - she is the ultimate 'Poo Producer'! I feed her twice a day on the suggested (dry food) quantity, but even then, her output is enormous! 

The food supplier I buy from said I was feeding her too much and explained the ins and outs of overfeeding! (More out than stays in/can be usefully absorbed!) 

I have reduced her food, but she is still not much better!

She is also very slim, and I wonder if that is just being a skinny teenager (lucky her!) and wonder when the breed starts filling out/reaching maturity/gaining more flesh?

Any help on the topic will be gratefully received.

With thanks,

Pauline's Reply

Caring For Sophie Cocker
By: Pauline (Website Owner)

Hello Jane, 

Lucky you, looking after a little Cocker puppy!

I don't think it's anything to worry about, but there are a couple of things to check.

First of all, I recommend you make sure that you are feeding Sophie the correct amount of dog food for her weight and age, according to the manufacturer's recommendations. 

Once you're confident of the quantity, measure it out, don't try to guess it - you'll be surprised at just how wrong one can be!

If the manufacturer gives a lower and a higher measure for the puppy's particular age and weight, I recommend you feed Sophie slightly over the lower measure, to begin with - you can always provide her more (staying within the recommended guidelines, of course) if you need to.

It will take a few days for her 'output' to slow down and reflect what you're now feeding her; i.e., it will take a little while for her 'insides' to empty. ;)

Please forgive me for asking this, but if you're feeding her twice each day, are you dividing the measure in two and not feeding her double the amount? Sorry, I don't mean to sound patronizing; I'm just trying to help. :-)

You mention that she's very slim - do you think she's underweight? If you do, have you checked her poo for worms? Is she wormed regularly?

Is she drinking plenty of water? 

Are you sure the food you're giving Sophie is nutritious enough for her? Is it good healthy dog food, specially prepared for puppies?

If you've covered all of the above and feel she's not growing as she should, you have a couple of options. 

If you're really worried about her and she seems underweight and lethargic or has diarrhoea, I'd take her to see her vet; otherwise, wait until your friend returns and tell her about your concern.

I hope this helps!

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Caring For Sophie Cocker
By: Anonymous 

That's so right - it really is essential to measure out your dog's food and not guess it. Try it yourself. Dish out one portion of your dog's everyday food (x 2 if you feed your Cocker twice each day) and then weigh it - I bet you get a shock.

The extra calories will undoubtedly make a difference, so take care.