Captain of Everything!

by JO
(Indian Rocks Beach, FL, USA)

Captain Likes To Stand Under His Plant.

Captain Likes To Stand Under His Plant.

When my husband and I decided to get a dog, we started looking at designer dogs and even found a breeder who introduced us to the prospective parents of our "new puppy".

The countdown began as we waited for the birth. husband kept talking to me about how much he had loved his Cocker Spaniel, Erin, who had passed away before we met. He really wanted a male cocker! I, on the other hand, had heard that cockers could have "cocker rage", had ear problems, tended to go blind early and frequently pee'd when over-excited.

Not what I wanted to sign up for!

I wanted a female because I believed that they were inherently more gentle than males.

To make a long story a little shorter than it could be; the day before we were to pick up our puppy, I went by the local SPCA and there he was!

A miserable looking 3 year old blond cocker. He was in a cage in a room with smaller dogs because he was becoming traumatized by the commotion and barking of the larger dogs.

His owners were divorcing and couldn't provide for him.

He sat patiently while I spoke to him and gently took the cookie that I offered. I fell in love! The following day he had a makeover at the groomer turning from grim to glamorous!

Since we did not like the name he came with we started trying out new ones but nothing worked until my husband asked if I thought this sweet dog would like our boat. I laughed and said he would probably be the Captain. There it was! His new name.

Captain is 8 years old now and has been a joy. He came to us house broken, with excellent training; sit, down, stay. He never wanders, even if we accidentally leave the door open. He is great off leash and at the dog park. We own a retail store and he comes to work every day. In fact, he is a local celebrity and people come in just to say hello to him.

We love our dog with all our hearts and hope that the adorable designer puppy got a wonderful, loving home.

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Captain Cocker
by: Anonymous

What a lovely story about Captain's name - it suits him as he seems to be surveying his domain!

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