Can I Leave My Puppy?

With A Little Preparation Puppies Can Be Left Home Alone

With A Little Preparation Puppies Can Be Left Home Alone

Is it OK to leave my 10 week old puppy at home alone for a couple of hours one evening? We've had him for 10 days and he's settled in really well.

He's being crate trained and loves his crate.

Reply From Pauline (Web Owner)

I think it's probably okay to leave your puppy for a little while if he's already used to being locked in his crate.

Make sure he's been fed, watered, and exercised. Give him a cuddle and place him in his crate.

Leave a radio on for him. If he's warm and contented, he'll probably fall asleep.

Don't make a fuss though (before you leave) just go and don't fuss over him when you return. I know that will be difficult, but if you can ignore your puppy for about 10 minutes, or at least until he has calmed down and is no longer excited, it will pay dividends later. Your puppy will learn that you only pet him when he's calm - especially good for when visitors arrive.

Generally puppies can be left alone in their crate as follows:

  • 10 weeks old - up to 60 minutes

  • up to 14 weeks old - up to 3 hours

  • up to 16 weeks old - up to 4 hours

  • up to 17 weeks old - up to 5 hours

Please use the above timing as a guide only - only you can decide what suits your puppy.

If you haven't already, I recommend you read the our article on general rules of crate training before you leave him alone.

If you get the opportunity before you want to leave him, I recommend you try locking him in his crate a couple of times for an hour or so while you're still at home so you can monitor his reaction. Let him see that you're still home the first time you do so, but stay out of sight the second time you crate him.

Hope this helps and good luck!

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Leaving My Puppy Home Alone
by: Danniele

My cocker spaniel puppy is 10 weeks old and she's adorable! I don't usually leave her for more than 20-30 minutes at a time, but I needed to go out recently and couldn't get anyone to look out for her.

So, before I crated her, I took her to the bathroom, rewarded her (for doing a wee wee) with a couple of small treats and her favourite puppy toy to play with. I left the radio on and left her for one hour and ten minutes.

When I returned, she was fast alseep!

What a little treasure, she's as good as gold.

I think how long you leave your puppy depends upon the puppy itself, her environment and temperament.

You know your puppy better than anyone, I would recommend you use your own judgement and trial it for yourself.

Hugs to your puppy from me x

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