Buying A Cocker Spaniel

by Sheree

Cocker Spaniels Make Great Family Dogs!

Cocker Spaniels Make Great Family Dogs!

Hi I'm really confused. I'm on the search for a dog for my young family. My daughter wants a smaller dog. Training, runs and space are not a problem.

I've been told wonderful advice from a lady who has been breeding for 28 years. She said they are great with the little kids and a wonderful family pet.

I've been doing my research into grooming and everything and have come across some rather alarming stories of aggression! Is this purely from the rage disease or is this something generally that all cocker spaniels are prone to?

Should I be looking more at a King Charles spaniel? Or a completely separate breed. I was looking more for a fun active family dog. Jack Russell is the other breed.

Thank you.

Reply from Pauline (Web Owner)

Hi Sheree,

Cocker Spaniels are great family dogs but like all dog breeds they need to be well-trained, properly socialized and cared for in order to produce a 'well-rounded', confident, gentle dog that understands his or her place in your pack.

Don't worry about Cocker Spaniel rage syndrome - it's extremely rare, I promise.

You can do even more to ensure your dog is 'family friendly'. Find a breeder that breeds for good temperament and let him or her know you want a subservient puppy - not a dominant one, and not the runt of the litter either. Your breeder will select one that's just right for you.

You can read more about picking the right puppy for you and your family here.

If you've not owned dogs before, I really want to stress how important it is to socialize pets from the day you bring them home to at least one year old - although once they get to six months you can loosen up a little.

Obedience training will also help to give your little puppy manners and exercise the mind and of course the children need to understand how to behave around the puppy and how to handle him or her, but I'm sure you'll have this covered.

If you're still not convinced, what about considering a Labradoodle? This is a cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle and they are simply delightful and you couldn't get a more child-friendly breed. I'm looking after one at the moment and she is a little darling - she's so gentle and loving.

Hope this helps and good luck in finding the right puppy for you!

Kind regards,

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by: Anonymous

socialize, socialize, socialize.......cockers are one of the best family dogs ever!

Cockers Rule!
by: Ranji

I'd go for a cocker spaniel every time. I've owned 3 cockers and they've all been different, but so friendly and loving.

Get a cocker spaniel, you won't be disappointed!

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